Tuesday, April 17, 2007

thinking outloud

Cindy at My Romantic Home was nice to give me an award last week...the thinking blogger award. I got distracted last week and didn't get back to my blog after the big house tour (guess that wore me out), and then when I did get back into the swing of things, I started reading everyone else's blog first. I'll tell you what, reading about your lives is what makes me a thinking blogger. And I think it makes you one, too.

It's so much fun to read your funny stories. So delightful to see beautiful pictures of your home, your inspirational home, your work in progress home. Great fun to check in on what you're wearing, what you ordered, who you ordered from. Such a treat to see what you baked, how you grilled, what you served up on the dinner plate last night. I live vicariously through you when you tell me about your trip abroad as well as your night out on the town. It's true - my home, my wardrobe, my cooking, my (attempt at) crafting, my traveling plans...all influenced (and truthfully, made better) because of you.

But, the real benefit of the blogging world, for me anyway, is sharing all parts of life through you. The good, the average, the not so good, even the downright awful. You saw my story the other day, but we all have stories of our own. And, it's the "comments" section at the bottom of each post that makes it a shared experience. I learn from you, you learn from me. I support you, you support me. Who says we aren't friends, for this is what you do in a friendship...right? You celebrate the good and muddle through the bad. Together.

So, as I sit here and digest the news of yesterday, I am grateful that my thoughts are out there, with you to read them. I'm grateful that yours are out there so I can read them. I'm happy that we can talk and think and comment on life together. And somehow make sense of it all.


paige said...

i couldn't agree more!
i love this little world of blogland---connecting with others is so fun. i have been able to find so much inspiration , both spiritually and creatively.
have a wonderful day....
signed, fellow mackenzie childs fanatic!!

Martha said...

Your blog is truly a treat in my day!



homedaisy said...

i enjoyed the walk - happy anniversary:) thanks for all you share!

Preppy Rider said...

Congratulations! Goodness knows we all look forward to hearing about a day in the life of "my little cottage". My morning coffee isn't the same without it ;)


jilly said...

And we are grateful for YOU!

Lisagh said...

Beautifully said. Perfect.

Jennifer said...

I love reading your blog and loved going on your walk with you.

tulipmom said...

Congratulations on your award! What a beautiful acceptance speech.