Friday, August 31, 2007

roll with it baby

hello! I have been a little negligent of my blogroll lately. If you would like to be linked here and you don't see your blog name, please let me know. I am trying to update it. I know my blog could use some TLC. I have never updated its look...and well, I don't have plans to right now. But some day I'll get around to it.

Do you have plans for the holiday weekend? We do: go outside, go outside, go outside! Enjoy the last weekend of the pool, take a picnic to the park, visit downtown. Oh yes, and one more thing. Celebrate my birthday! It is Sunday.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

makes you think

Did you happen to catch the CNN special report last week, God's Warriors? We recorded it and have been watching bits and pieces when we can. We are 5 hours into the 6 hour program.

In case you missed it, Christiane Amanpour's report devotes 3 segments - 2 hours each - to understanding the intersection between global politics and 3 religions - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. She meets with religious leaders, politicians, and every day citizens in various countries around the world to profile how governments have been and are currently affected by religious movements, history, and change. It has been fascinating to watch. Very informative, educational, and thought provoking.

I see that there have been repeats of the original airings of all 3 programs. If you are at all interested, I recommend checking it out.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


You can't view my video. Too bad, this was my first try at posting something from youtube. Oh well, hopefully you know what I was talking about in the previous post!

today's hits and yesterday's favorites

Such a lack of things to say today. No, that's not exactly true. Ok, more precise - I can't seem to organize my thoughts enough to make a worthwhile post today. My mind cannot get past what I heard on the radio first thing this morning. I just KNOW KNOW KNOW that you know what I mean about getting a song stuck in your head!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

already an old pro

Things are going well with Kindergarten. Was it just last Tuesday that I was feeling so glum? What a difference a week makes.

If you are nervous about your son starting school, it really helps if he likes it. It helps if, when you ask him "how was kindergarten?" he shouts "GREAT!!" It helps if he talks about his new schedule all through breakfast & dinner (so much so that you have to remind him to eat.) It helps if, when the weekend comes, he's a little disappointed that the big yellow bus won't be pulling up to the curb. Most of all, it helps if he's smiling all the time, obviously happy and ready to tell the world why. Yes, all these things help. And, added together, they make a decisive conclusion. How could I not be doing well right now? Kindergarten rocks!

Friday, August 24, 2007

ta da...!

Congratulations, Paige! !
Please leave me a comment w/ your address (I won't publish) and I'll send you your package.
Oh, and I can't resist saying thank you again, everyone. Your sweet comments have been wonderful to read. Even my mom has been enjoying them. You guys are terrific! xo!

here we go!

Give me a second here, drawing a name now...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

with gratitude

...for all you lovely friends. Thank you for these nice - no, more than nice - inspiring comments of encouragement and support over the last few days. You've done it again....just when I needed a little pick me up. I will be reading (and re-reading) your messages all day. Quite possibly all week.

And, to show my appreciation, I want to send you something. Some sweet little thing that will arrive right at your door. Addressed to you. From me. Just because you're great!

This is for any one of my readers - even if you've never left a comment before, you're still out there and you check in on me, and I want to say thanks. So throw your hat in the ring. Please leave your comment here...let's say...leave it by 11:59 PM Thursday night....and I'll draw a name on Friday.

Thank much...again. Love, Meg

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

better today

Thanks for those nice messages on my last entry. I know every blogger would agree with me here...comments mean so much! Much more than you can imagine. So, thank you, thank you, thank you for being thoughtful and kind enough to leave me a nice comment to read on a particularly hard day.

Doing fine today and ready for tomorrow, when everything starts - full day and all that. Anxiously awaiting arrival of new Bob the Builder lunch tracking says it's being delivered today, but where are you, Bob? And the sun is finally out after so many days of doom and gloom. So maybe later on this afternoon we'll sneak in one last trip to the pool. I think we all deserve it!

Monday, August 20, 2007

I'll miss you

My son starts kindergarten today. It is not a real first day, it's "meet & greet". Moms and Dads are invited along with the kids. We are invited to come to the classroom, meet the teacher (who I actually met last spring), see where everyone will sit, get a look at some of the other kids. It's very exciting but a little scary (for me, if not for him.) Technically we'll be there for only 20 minutes. But you know, it's the first day.

I am so very proud of my son. Working as hard as he has over the past 2 years has gotten him to this point...he's going to kindergarten with the other kids in the neighborhood, typically developing kids. It's the goal we've been working toward. He's excited, and all of the professionals we work with are confident in him. We know this year will be a challenge, but we also know that he can do it. It's going to be hard. He will be picked up by the bus at 7 to get to school at 8, and then be there until I pick him up at 2:30. He'll put in a half day at kindergarten, and another half day at a social skills program, where the curriculum focuses exclusively on interacting with peers. From what we've heard, it's a wonderful program, and so this is a terrific opportunity for him. As I said, it's won't be easy. But he can do it. If anyone can, I know he can! I have all the confidence in the world in him.

But still....there's a little voice inside says don't go! Stay with me a little longer! Just stay with me, no one has to know. I'll figure out a way to keep you 5 years old forever. We'll keep going to the pool, and we'll play on the swings, and I'll jump with you on the trampoline, and you can play on the computer as much as you want. And we'll go to the park, and eat picnics on the hill like you like, and drive around with the windows down listening to Elmo and the Orchestra. I'd do it! I'd do it for an eternity for you. Just...don't go.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

being nice

Thank you to my friends Deb, TulipMom, and the Sisters with Style for handing over this pretty (ooh, pink!) award to me. You guys were nice to think of me. And I'm glad you think I'm nice. I'm glad you think my blog is nice. Being nice is good. You can never be too nice, can you?

Well, maybe you can. I'm choosing to be too nice, and not select others for the award as well. You're all nice out there, and you all deserve this one. So, give yourselves a pat on the back. Nice job!


Anyone out there watching this also? Isn't it GREAT!?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

week 12

During Saturday's block party we met the couple who is building the house across the street. They could not have been nicer. We talked shop for a long time and heard the whole story about how they decided to knock down the old house and build the new. It's been an exciting year for them. In addition to taking on this project, they were married in January. They are very eager to settle in (they hope to be in by November 1) and start a new life in their new home together.

Monday, August 13, 2007

block party

Our 3rd annual block party was Saturday. Like last year there was a moon jump for the kids, a clown, and a live band. We stayed until it was time for the kids to go to bed...and then our babysitter came and we went back after the kids were asleep.

In other news, my son is still not feeling his best, so we're laying low. And I have to say, staying in the house like this is bad for my waistline!

Friday, August 10, 2007

one last look

This is our last stop on the tour through Lisa's house. Kitchens are always the first place I go when looking at houses online. I think you'll enjoy looking at hers, too.

I am partial to the beautiful windows here in the eating area...and what a pretty view, too! To me there's just no such thing as too many windows or too many trees. I think that's why I love her house and North Carolina. It is beautiful!

Hasn't this been fun? It sure has been for me. Hope you have enjoyed it, too.
* * *
Ok, I have to tell you - I had such a great time last night.

If you are coming to Chicago and you want a fun night out on the town, it would be great if you could meet up with my cousin. She's one of those "who's who" people. She's got the connections. She's a girl who (as my aunt said last night) does things right.

Last night at the theatre we had front row seats (dead center, no less!) I could peer into the orchestra pit and see all the musicians up close. And our tickets gave us VIP access to this special room below the theatre where we could enjoy complimentary appetizers, desserts, and drinks before and during intermission. There were a couple of private bathrooms there, too.(That alone made the passes worthwhile, you know how the ladies' room line gets during intermission.)

But enough about that - most important is me telling you about the show. It was terrific! Truly one of the best stage productions I've ever seen. Fabulous! The story, the actors, the costumes, the songs, the dancing! Oh my GOSH. It was incredible. We all loved it, and the entire audience was up on its feet screaming and clapping as soon as the curtain call started. I almost cried then, as I was clapping along. That's how much I loved it. If you ever have an opportunity to go, I highly highly highly highly recommend it. I would love to go back - I'd go back in a heartbeat tonight. *it was absolutely fantastic* ! ! !

Thursday, August 09, 2007

8 more

Guess who's feeling better? I think he's nearly himself again. Some rest, maybe a nap this afternoon and a good night's sleep tonight should do the trick. Thank you for your nice comments and sending him those blogworld hugs. I'm sure that's what helped him turn the corner.

So, I cheated the other day with my 8 random facts. Not only were they not random, they didn't have much to do with me. Directly, anyway. But you know, they were facts.

Anyway, since I've been holed up in my house the past couple of days, I've had some time to think. Maybe too much time. And I've thought up 8 more facts to throw out into blogworld. These are all random and about ME and ME ONLY!

1. I love shopping for clothes now but hated it as a child. I think I didn't like it back then because I wore a school uniform, and I just did not get clothes. They were not an important part of my every day life. Shoes and hair were critical, but regular clothes did not factor in in any meaningful way. To me there was nothing worse than spending a couple of hours at the local department store with my mother when I was a child. One time we were in a nice store and she was having me try on things for fall, including a lot of stuff that was pink - pink corduroys, a pink and brown sweater. I can still remember feeling bored and hot and finally, after spending a good 20 minutes in the dressing room trying things on and tromping out each time to show her how they were fitting, she said what's the matter. I muttered something about not liking pink and she said well then let's just get our things and go. And I was so RELIEVED. Imagine, here I am a pink fanatic all these years later. Oh how things change.

2. I get terrible headaches on rainy days. Alleve works.

3. I met my maid of honor when I was 4. I moved into a house around the corner from hers the summer before we went to kindergarten together.

4. My hair doesn't grow but I'm trying. And let me tell you, I've been trying this for years. I'd like it to be about 3-4 inches longer than it is now. I'm always aiming for something longer than what I have. And it pretty much stays the same length. I have this theory that new hair just collects in the ringlets that are already going and so you can't see any changes. Why, just the other night my husband and I were looking at pictures from last summer and there was one of me. When I asked him whether my hair is longer or shorter than last year he said, I don't know...shorter? grrr.

5. In my senior year of college I was a student tour guide. It was a great job. Yes, a job! It paid $10/hr.

6. That was a big step up from the job I had when I was a senior in high school: Bob Evans hostess. I can still remember my schedule. Monday: 6 a.m. - 2 p.m., Tuesday: 7-3, Wednesday 8-4, Th 9-5. I think Sundays were mandatory for the whole staff. It paid $5/hr. Technically it was the summer after high school.

7. I'm good at setting the table. This was always my assigned task as a child. If you need to know where to put the salad fork or the bread plate, you can ask me. Better yet, ask Monogram Momma. She's a pro.

8. Tonight my cousin has invited me downtown to see The Color Purple. I am excited! Cousin, you ask? Yes, my mom's sister's daughter, who lives in another Chicago suburb. She is wonderful. Her mother, my aunt, is in town and will be there, too. I haven't seen the show yet, have not read the book, and never saw the movie. So I am very much looking forward to both the company and the production.

let's keep going

The tour of Lisa's house in Charlotte continues! It's day 4, and this is of course the master bedroom. Lisa got new white bedding recently...oh so dreamy. I like beds that look as if they are big clouds that you simply fall into at the end of the day, don't you?

I love the color of her walls and the soft curtains in the windows. As you can see, it is a very peaceful room.

It's been nice to have had these pictures of Lisa's house to share this week. Aside from the fact that they are pictures of a beautiful home, it's made my blogging so easy. The pictures speak for themselves.

* * *

But I do have one story to share...

My oldest son has had a cold over the past week and it seems to have developed into the stomach flu. Which I guess is good if that means he's getting this out of the way before school starts on the 20th. But I have to share something he said yesterday, it was very sweet.

You know I don't talk about him very often here, but I think you also know that he's my special guy. Well, as bad as he was feeling yesterday, he was still trying so hard to get all of his words in order. This takes a lot of effort on his part. When he woke up in the morning and wanted to go downstairs he was feeling very weak and asked me to carry him, Mommy, may I please carry you downstairs?...being so careful to ask the way he thought was right. A little while later he was sitting on the couch and ended up getting sick...on his jammies. It was only a little water that he had been sipping, but he was devastated. He kept saying, I spilled my water, I spilled my water. A little while later he was getting drowsy, so I carried him back upstairs to sleep. As I did I could hear him speaking very quietly to himself, I don't want to spill, I don't want to spill.

Sweetest little guy ever. Oh, how could anyone not love a child like that?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

dining out

Here we are at Lisa's house again. I wanted to be sure to capture her dining room for you. Isn't it great? So colorful! Actually, the wall color reminds me of a lipstick I had a long time ago...the name of it was "raspberry glacee" (it was Clinique in case that rings a bell.)

Another view below. Lisa's breakfront has a mirror in it, which you can see. So I had to stand to the side of it as I looked into the room to avoid being caught on film. Be sure to notice the beautiful fabric on those curtains. Gorgeous!

How about that chandelier? I love it. And of course, I love Lisa's pottery collection. I needn't say anything more about that, you know the whole story already!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

8 things

Ok, the picture above is more from Lisa's house...this is her family room....very very pretty. The weary vacationer on the couch belongs to me. Day 1 of our vacation...he was getting the right idea already.

While I was gone I saw that Heather tagged me for 8 Random Facts. Thank you, Heather. I find it challenging to come up with facts, don't you? But it's fun. Still, maybe I've cheated a little bit this time...I'm throwing in a lot about my family. Here I go.

1. My hometown is not small, but when I was growing up it was much smaller than it is today. My grandfather, my dad's father, ran a successful family business. It was named after him. Everyone in town knew it, and so everyone knew him.

2. My dad is the second of nine children, the oldest son. He was named after his father. My dad did not work for his father, he chose to do something completely unrelated. But he has also made a career out of working with a lot of different people in town.

3. So when I was growing up, people would hear my last name and say, wait - are you related to [grandfather] or [father]?

4. But it seemed just as often they'd say, wait - are you [mother]'s daughter?

5. And they'd say to me, I love your mother.

6. They'd say, she's the greatest lady! She's so funny.

7. Store clerks, house painters, electricians, hair dressers, receptionists, doctors, nurses, gas station attendants, hostesses & waiters, lifeguards at the pool, the local butcher, mailman, handyman, florist, and seamstress. Throughout my life I've heard these people tell me they love my mother. Many have told her outright that she is their favorite customer/patient/client. Probably because she makes a point of getting to know them, asking them about themselves, taking a sincere interest in their lives (the good as well as the bad) each time she sees them. And she makes them laugh with her own life stories. She has a strong effect on people; it's hard to describe in a way that doesn't make it seem like I'm exaggerating. But I'm not. I remember one time a woman in town had a party to honor special women around and she announced to everyone at the party that she loved my mother the most. Even as I was growing up my friends always liked her and would want to visit with her when they came over.

8. So even though her name wasn't on the sign, or the letterhead, by my account she was (and is) as well known as my dad and grandfather in my hometown. Just in a different way.

Monday, August 06, 2007

home again

We were gone 10 days, and it was glorious. We spent 2 days visiting my husband's sister & family in Charlotte, NC, and then a week on Seabrook Island, SC with my parents and younger brother.

Have you noticed, any time you are gone longer than a week - 7 days - time really does start to slow down. You begin to forget what day it is - or at least, you don't always think of it right away if someone asks you. And the people you're with ask you because they don't remember right away, either. And you start forgetting what you usually do on a typical day during a typical week in your life and all of a sudden every day is Saturday and you have so much time to do anything you want. Like eat too late. Or too early. And eat decadent things. And nap. And waste time by doing nothing but watch the waves hit the beach, even if you brought a book to read. And ride bikes with your family and not think about what you should do as soon as you get back.

We had that kind of vacation. Funny, wasn't like I was away from real life. In fact, at one point I said to my husband that it seemed like I was having more than my fair share of serious talks when we were supposed to be relaxing. I had these kind of conversations with my brother, my mom, my husband, and my sister in-law and her husband. Maybe that's a natural part of get just far away from your regular life that you can see it and talk about it clearly. Or not.

Speaking of my sister in-law, her name is Lisa, which I think you know. The picture above is from her foyer in her lovely home. I told you I would take pictures...and I did. But I ran out of steam during my trip and all my good intentions for taking great beach pictures kind of dissipated. My husband took a lot of video, though. I am hoping I can show you some video of the alligator we had behind our house on Seabrook.

I took some pictures of Lisa's house and thought I would share them with you. Let's start with this one. Sorry there won't be any beach pictures, but what can I say. It was a nice vacation, and I was having a really good time.