Thursday, August 09, 2007

8 more

Guess who's feeling better? I think he's nearly himself again. Some rest, maybe a nap this afternoon and a good night's sleep tonight should do the trick. Thank you for your nice comments and sending him those blogworld hugs. I'm sure that's what helped him turn the corner.

So, I cheated the other day with my 8 random facts. Not only were they not random, they didn't have much to do with me. Directly, anyway. But you know, they were facts.

Anyway, since I've been holed up in my house the past couple of days, I've had some time to think. Maybe too much time. And I've thought up 8 more facts to throw out into blogworld. These are all random and about ME and ME ONLY!

1. I love shopping for clothes now but hated it as a child. I think I didn't like it back then because I wore a school uniform, and I just did not get clothes. They were not an important part of my every day life. Shoes and hair were critical, but regular clothes did not factor in in any meaningful way. To me there was nothing worse than spending a couple of hours at the local department store with my mother when I was a child. One time we were in a nice store and she was having me try on things for fall, including a lot of stuff that was pink - pink corduroys, a pink and brown sweater. I can still remember feeling bored and hot and finally, after spending a good 20 minutes in the dressing room trying things on and tromping out each time to show her how they were fitting, she said what's the matter. I muttered something about not liking pink and she said well then let's just get our things and go. And I was so RELIEVED. Imagine, here I am a pink fanatic all these years later. Oh how things change.

2. I get terrible headaches on rainy days. Alleve works.

3. I met my maid of honor when I was 4. I moved into a house around the corner from hers the summer before we went to kindergarten together.

4. My hair doesn't grow but I'm trying. And let me tell you, I've been trying this for years. I'd like it to be about 3-4 inches longer than it is now. I'm always aiming for something longer than what I have. And it pretty much stays the same length. I have this theory that new hair just collects in the ringlets that are already going and so you can't see any changes. Why, just the other night my husband and I were looking at pictures from last summer and there was one of me. When I asked him whether my hair is longer or shorter than last year he said, I don't know...shorter? grrr.

5. In my senior year of college I was a student tour guide. It was a great job. Yes, a job! It paid $10/hr.

6. That was a big step up from the job I had when I was a senior in high school: Bob Evans hostess. I can still remember my schedule. Monday: 6 a.m. - 2 p.m., Tuesday: 7-3, Wednesday 8-4, Th 9-5. I think Sundays were mandatory for the whole staff. It paid $5/hr. Technically it was the summer after high school.

7. I'm good at setting the table. This was always my assigned task as a child. If you need to know where to put the salad fork or the bread plate, you can ask me. Better yet, ask Monogram Momma. She's a pro.

8. Tonight my cousin has invited me downtown to see The Color Purple. I am excited! Cousin, you ask? Yes, my mom's sister's daughter, who lives in another Chicago suburb. She is wonderful. Her mother, my aunt, is in town and will be there, too. I haven't seen the show yet, have not read the book, and never saw the movie. So I am very much looking forward to both the company and the production.


Lisa said...

How perfect! This is just what you need after being in the house for a few days. I am so envious!!! Have a wonderful time and tell everyone I said hello!

Julie said...

I'm so glad to hear that your little man is feeling better!

I scrolled down to read yesterdays post to see what was the matter.
Bless his heart! He's just so sweet that I had to grab my heart!
Give him extra hugs and sugar from Louisiana!


homedaisy said...

that is the cutest picture ever!! glad he is better. i'm having trouble enlarging lisa's pictures....soooooo slow here for some reason...bummer!! it is totally happy and sweet and great color! i wanted close-ups because i swear we must shop at the same places!

Marie said...

Glad to hear your little one is feeling better. Sick kids are never easy. BTW what pattern is your MKC, I just think it is beautiful!

Meg said...

Hi Marie,

My pattern is MKC Taylor. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice comment!

Meg said...

Julie - thank you for the sweet comment, I do appreciate that so much.

Meg said...

homedaisy - if only you could just pop by and see the colors in person! :) Hope you can enlarge soon.

Deb said...

Glad to hear your son feels better today. Enjoy your night out - how exciting to be going to see The Colour Purple!