Monday, August 13, 2007

block party

Our 3rd annual block party was Saturday. Like last year there was a moon jump for the kids, a clown, and a live band. We stayed until it was time for the kids to go to bed...and then our babysitter came and we went back after the kids were asleep.

In other news, my son is still not feeling his best, so we're laying low. And I have to say, staying in the house like this is bad for my waistline!


Hemstich & Hydrangea said...

Your blog is darling! So glad I found it today through the maze of common reads!

Hope your little one feels better soon!

paige said...

sorry your little man is still blue.
i am flipped over your girlfriend lisa's house....where is her junk mail & her clutter....oh my!
signed~another mackenzie childs fan ( but sadly with a much smaller collection--sniff!)

Rosemary said...

Love that kitchen in the previous post.
Glad you had a fun party!
Sorry your son is not feeling well.
I hope he is better soon.

tulipmom said...

The Block Party sounds like fun. I miss the parties we used to have in our old neighborhood.

Hope your little guy is feeling like himself again real soon.

LivingTheLife said...

Sorry your little guy is still feeling under the weather...your not suppose to get sick during the summer...just not FAIR!

Oh...I love your sweet street...looks like a heavenly place to raise children and grow old...I especially liked that someone planned ahead and had a Port-o-potty folks/kids didn' thave to run in and out of peoples houses...somebody was THINKING!

blessings your way...

Ladybug said...

That sounds like fun!!

Hope your son is feeling better soon.

sisters with style said...

Sorry your son is not feeling well--gives you a lot of cuddle time with him though, huh?
I love our block parties too!
By the way, your friends's house looked amazing and perfect! Right out of a magazine!