Saturday, January 27, 2007

not that weird

hi there! I'm writing from my parents' house, where I have come to visit for the weekend. It's fun spending time with 2 of my favorite people. We are having lots of laughs and eating way too much. My mom was at my house last week while I did my work, and we flew here together last night. I just had to see how progress is coming on their house redecorating (beautiful!) Tomorrow I'm going home to see my guys...I miss them! They are having some good male bonding time together. Today it's the zoo (see above) and tomorrow I think it's the pool.

Anyway, I like these tag games going around. Fun to read what makes someone weird. I'm afraid my list isn't too interesting. I can't twist my tongue into a knot or anything like that. But, you be the judge. Maybe I'm being too lenient on myself and I am totally strange.

1. I have Lionel Richie's greatest hits album and I love it.

2. When I eat Campbell's chicken noodle soup, I spoon up all the broth first and save the noodles for last. Also, when I eat Crunch Berries I eat all the crunch pieces first and all the berries last.

3. When I brush my teeth I don't just brush, I multi-task. I check my email, turn on the tv, open the mail, or try to talk to my husband and kids (even though they can't understand me.) I guess just don't like to stand there, brushing.

4. When I have a Starbucks, I have to line up the label on the cup sleeve with the label on the cup, and the opening at the top of the cup. I like to have these 3 things aligned.

5. When I am sitting, I can isolate movement of my pinkie toe on my right foot. I can make it move out pretty far from the rest of my foot. I don't know why I can't do this on the left.

6. I twist my hair all day long. I have always done this and I know it's a terrible habit. Sometimes I get a really good twist going and I have to show my husband what I've created. Because he is who he is, he always says, "Yep! Good one." He's so good to me.

I tag Homedaisy, and anyone else who wants to jump in and play. Go for it!


Lisagh said...

I'm a Lipton's Chicken Noodle soup girl and I eat mine the exact opposite of you. Noodles first, then sometimes I even add more noodles and eat them, and THEN I'll eat the broth. Hmm... we're all a bunch of kooks!

Preppy Rider said...

Welcome Back - we missed you, glad you had a good week and are enjoying some time with your parents!

LOVE the zoo pictures, too precious.

suburban mom said...

That's how it is when I go home too: eat too much and laugh too much.
I always gain a few pounds and a few wrinkles :)

suburban mom said...

Yup, they're Geox -- we have the same shoes - ha! :)

jilly said...

I wonder if you could teach me how to multi task when brushing my teeth. I watch my bf do it all the time and then when I do it, he looks at me in horror because I usually have white foam running down the front of myself and I look ridiculous.

homedaisy said...

i have been laughing about the hair twist for days. :) yup, that's a good man.

Bossy Bar-Wife said...

Ah, Lionel Richie. Love it.