Wednesday, January 17, 2007

this just in

My sister in-law forwarded me the following email message from Suzanne Roberts' Gifts (sister in-law is a very, very good shopper.) Anyway, here it is, just in case you're feeling inspired to buy a little "pick me up" next week. Perhaps this will help chase off those January blahs??

Dear Customers-

We will be having a special MacKenzie Childs sale all next week.

This will run through the dates of Monday the 22nd until Saturday the 27th. All Mackenzie Childs will be discounted 20% off.

There will be a special discount on the Buttercup and Bathing Hut line, 50% off.

We will be happy to special order any items that we do not currently have in stock. This includes furniture discounted at 20% off. Be sure to check with us on the freight cost.

Please visit our website to view the entire line of MacKenzie Childs.

Please call, fax, or email your orders before midnight on Saturday the 27th. Thanks so much!

-Suzanne Roberts

p. 214-369-8336 f. 214-369-5097


Kim said...

I'm guessing that you'll be placing your order at midnite on the 22nd? :)

Meg said...

Well, I just might have to! You know me too well, Kim.

the preppy princess said...

Thanks Meg!

I really miss my MC mug...(at the time I could only afford one). If I knew the darn thing would be in storage for 4 years I would have brought it with me. Same goes for the candy dish! I keep thinking "gee I hope they make it out of storage in once piece"!

Maybe I can snag one to make me feel better about this horrible thought.

Meg said...

Well, now, Princess, you really shouldn't deny yourself any longer. You know I was going to say that. Maybe this sale is your chance. On the other hand, there are great deals to be had on ebay, too!