Friday, February 23, 2007


Our bathroom beautification project continues this weekend. I am looking forward to seeing how the floor turns out. It is not wood, it is a (cheap looking) vinyl tile, something we will not miss. The first time we painted the walls we just assumed that we'd be ripping out the floor soon after, so we didn't even put a sheet down, we just let the paint drip right on the floor. Well, that was about 2 years ago, so it's time to do something.

Here's the scene in the bathroom today. My 2 year old, probably like yours, has discovered the greatest game. Who knew unraveling the entire TP roll could be so much fun? To think that Mom and Dad didn't show him how to do this months ago!


smilnsigh said...

"Who knew unraveling the entire TP roll could be so much fun?"

Ahhh yes, who knew? But now, he does! :-) Closed doors are a wonnnderful thing. :-)


Monogram Momma said...

Ahh, yes. A familiar sight to me as well. However I don't know if I prefer this little trick of theirs or when they (read: my children) figured out the *joy* in plopping toys in the toilet bowl and leaving them there to float?

And in case you're wondering if a Thomas the train tender from "James" flushes? Yeah, well it does, but very loudly.

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

better there than IN the toilet.

And, I'll have you know that I have been craving cookie dough for 2 days now.

Lisa said...

My one year old has not discovered the TP roll (yet - for now he is content to pull off his socks and drop them in the toilet) but I do remember when my now 5 year old did. It was absolutely irresistible to him.

I'd love to see after photos of your bathroom makeover. We had the bathroom tile and bathtub in one of our bathrooms reglazed a few years ago. It was intended to be a quick fix (we plan to sell next year) but it worked out even better than we expected. We had great subway tile but it was old and discolored (original to house in 1936). The tub looked like new after it was done. Sinks can be reglazed as well and it is much cheaper than a complete redo.


Pippajo said...

My 5-year-old used to LOVE to play with the toilet paper! One trick I found to be helpful was to put the paper on the roll "backwards" with the end hanging down the back. That way if he just pawed at the roll with a downward motion, the paper wouldn't unroll. I had heard of people doing this to keep their cats from unrolling the tp and I thought it might work with my toddler. It didn't eliminate the problem completely as he could still unroll it by yanking on the dangling end (after all, if they're determined enough, nothing will deter them), but it did help. The rest of us got so used to the tp being "backwards" that we still put the rolls on that way to this day!

Meg said...

Such good comments here...I can see that we're all sharing a lot of similar circumstances!

MN - closed doors, yes indeed!

MM - good to know about James' tender. We haven't yet gotten to the toys in the toilet stage. How likely is it that we'll skip it altogether? My almost-5 year old was too much of an angel to do this, so we've never had the pleasure of going through it.

Lisa, thanks for sharing what you did to your bathroom. We've talked about reglazing. I think if we keep our bathroom that is definitely the way we will go.

Pippajo - good tip about backwards TP! But, can my Virgo self take it, something being out of place and backwards on purpose? That's the real challenge. :)

Hannah Lane said...

I wish I had thought of the backwards trick when my daughter was in that phase! It got to the point where I just hid it from her!

Preppy Rider said...

Fabulous fun Mom - I think it is time to get them out of the house ;)