Thursday, March 01, 2007

all on my watch

My children have incurred significant bumps and bruises over the last two days. And just who was responsible for them, while they were running into things and falling off of things, and falling down? Me. I know, I know. It goes with the territory of being a mom. You can't prevent accidents from happening, especially when you have little, rambunctious boys who like to run and jump. Still, it makes me feel bad.

My 2 year-old has a big goose egg bruise on his forehead after falling into the train table in the basement Tuesday afternoon. He was nearly inconsolable about it and had to get into his crib immediately afterwards to cuddle with his blanket. That seemed to do the trick.

Yesterday, my nearly 5 year-old tripped and fell into a table, landing right on his nose. We started out at the pediatrician and ended up in the ER afternoon to get 2 stitches across the bridge of his nose. BTW, did you know they have new medicine technology, where a nurse can numb an area of skin by placing a Q-tip covered in the medicine on the affected area? This was OH so much better than having to see him get a shot!

So, of course, no pictures today. I did consider it, I thought I if I could get a certain angle you could see how my little patients are holding up. But they're a little sick of being fussed over right now. They just want some peace and quiet.


Nicole said...

Oh, so sorry to hear about your children's mishaps! There is nothing sadder than a child with a boo boo. I hope they are feeling much better very soon!

sisters with style said...

so sorry to hear about the boys! I have a 3 year old and a 4 month old, so I'm totally about to be in your boat soon!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

oh no! I am so lucky so far.........knock on wood......Lucas has not had any broken bones or stitches yet.

Some say I am overly cautious.......even Lucas calls me the Safty mom.
One of our friends was dropping his boy off at Lucas' party. The boy told his dad that he didn't have to stay because the Worrier would be! The Worrier......what a little brat huh?

Naturegirl said...

Sounds like my son when he was younger always christening the ER whenever we relocated because of hubbys job....anyhow that little accident prone toddler is now a nurse...successfully working in cancer research!Guess he got used to white lab coats! hugs NG

smilnsigh said...

Oh Hon, it's just life with little boys. {And at times, with little girls too.} Just life. We do the best we can but we can't be 'on top of them' all the time.

Naturally, we can't. And if by some miracle, we were 'on top of them' every minute, how would they ever learn, and grow into their own selves?

All of life is made up both of 'the cuddles' and 'the falls.' They have to learn this hard lesson eventually. And life seems to be designed to teach it to them, early.

But... life has also been designed, for it to make Mommys feel bad when 'the falls' happen.