Friday, March 16, 2007

erin go braugh

No plans yet this weekend, but we've got plenty of options. Top of the list should be cleaning out the basement, but, uh, well, hmm, I don't know if I can face that just yet. We're having a garage sale later this spring, so we need to do one of those clean outs where you make piles of things to discard and things to try to sell. For something like that, I find motivation in the 11th hour.

Much more interesting ways for us to spend our time on Saturday include a local parade, a Cub Scout pancake breakfast (we bought our tickets from our Scout next door), and a cookout at our friends' house at night. Still looking for a babysitter, though. Wish me luck!


tommiea said...

first...linked to you from katherine's blog.

sounds like some great plans for the weekend. I know I pay out the wazoo for a great babysitter. I have one on retainer practially. In fact I am probably the one paying her way through a private college!!
Hope you find one!

happy friday

Deb said...

Happy St.Patrick's Day.
A parade - pancake breakfast - and a cookout at your friends ... sounds like a wonderful weekend! Enjoy.

Hannah Lane said...

Enjoy the weekend!

jilly said...

I would have babysat if I would have been closer!