Friday, March 07, 2008

happy birthday, my darling

My little boy is becoming not so little. Today he celebrates his 6th birthday. 6! I can't believe it. Now he needs two hands to count up all the fingers in his age. It's hard to believe. I know he is still a little boy...but he barely fits on my lap anymore. He's going from being a small boy to a medium boy. Oh boy.

6 years ago we weren't sure if this day would be his birthday. Late in my pregnancy I developed preeclampsia, and my doctor prescribed bed rest. I was at 37 weeks and she wanted to induce me. Over the phone she told me to be prepared to go the hospital directly after my next appointment with her (her office is across the street from the hospital.) She said, pack your bags.

My husband and I were excited. The morning of March 7th we drove down to Northwestern. On our way we noticed the license plate on a car slightly ahead of us on the freeway. It said, DUEDATE. We thought, Oh my gosh! Maybe it's a sign!

A little while later I was just drifting off to sleep when my husband nudged me. There was another car in front of us (actually it had cut in right in front of us.) This license plate said, BOBBIE. We looked at each other with wide eyes. It was thrilling.

We didn't know the sex of our baby, but we had names picked out, and Bobby was our boy name. Still...the license plate was a little tricky. Did the spelling of that name mean we were actually having a girl? or was it another sign - a not so subtle sign - that our little boy was on his way home to us?

Well, you know the answer, and today is the day to celebrate that wonderful arrival. Our little cherub. Our Sweet Boy. We simply couldn't love him more.

Happy Birthday, my darling boy!


tulipmom said...

The story of the license plates is amazing ... wow! Happy Birthday to your little guy! I hope he has a wonderful day.

And I love the bithday banner.

homedaisy said...

happy birthday, bobby!!
enjoy your celebration :)

hqm said...

Happy Bithday BOBBY!
What a sweet story!

Libby said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday! And many happy returns! :)

suburban prep said...

What wonderful memories and many more to come a Happy Birthday to the little guy.

Deb said...

What a great story.
Happy Birthday Bobby. I love the birthday banner :-}

jilly said...

That was the sweetest most endearing and loving post, made me well up. You have such a way!

Happy Birthday!

paige said...

precious story meg!
happy happy birthday bobby

becky said...


Lisa said...

I have never heard that story! That's amazing!!! I love the banner Megan...fabulous! Happy, happy birthday to our sweet darling Bobby! Hugs & Kisses!!!

Belle-ah said...

Happy Birthday little man!!!

Jill -Forever and Ever House said...

What an amazing story....just one of those times that I am sure you felt the presence of God! :o)

I love your sweet!

tommie said...

Very cute birth story! I am a firm believer in signs.

Happy birthday Bobby! I hope your birthday wishes come true.

Jenny said...

What a lovely story.
I like the bunting. Did you make it?

Southern Fried Girl said...

OMG, that story is unreal. I can't believe you all saw those license plates. How amazing!

Happy birthday, little, I mean, medium guy!!! :)

Meg said...

Hi Jenny - nope, didn't make the banner. I bought it, but I can't see a tag on it that says a brand name. Like everything else in my house, if it's cute and looks homemade, it wasn't done by me.

Anonymous said...

how precious!