Wednesday, March 05, 2008

please come soon

Late last week my friend Betsy called me up. She said, I just put up my 'March' Kate Libby picture, and it's so cheerful! I couldn't remember what the picture for March looked like, but when it was time to change the calendar I got mine out and saw that she was right. Here it is:

On Saturday I had groceries to buy and added some daisies to my cart. You know they are my favorite. I don't know why, but they are not at the neighborhood store very often. But maybe since winter is on its way out they'll be easier to get from now on. See, here they are, looking sweet and cheerful:

On Sunday I read an email from my sister in-law, Lisa, telling me about the dinner party she had hosted at her house over the weekend. She had pictures to share as well. The dinner table looks so festive and colorful. Between the tablecloth and the beautiful flowers in the center, it just shouts, spring!

But, alas, pictures and flowers aside, I look out the window and more importantly, look at the forecast, and there's no sign of spring. Yet.

But we remain ever hopeful...with each new 7-day forecast from Tom Skilling...that warmer temperatures will be on their way soon....that heavy coats and mittens can be returned for the foreseeable future to the coat closet...that I will need sunglasses one of these days.


hqm said...

I am with you...BRING ON SPRING!!!!

paige said...

oh its coming...hang in there!
lovely flowers are always a treat!

jilly said...

I LOVE the dining room and the table setting!

It is supposed to get down to -4 here tonight and the next two days even colder. Not excited about that. This has been a brutal winter!

Rosemary said...

I will try to send some Spring your way. Love the table!! The daisies are very Springy.

suburban prep said...

Yep I watched Tom Skilling and read the weather page in the Trib hopefully Spring is on its way.

becky said...

Delightful flowers...fabulous vase! Hope Spring is around the corner...I CANNOT wait!

Southern Fried Girl said...

I just loved that table set up. Gorgeous.

I won't tell you the temp here or you may hate me.

Tasha said...

Love your dining area...the lighting, the candle sticks, the chairs....but I especially love the paint color that pulls everything together. I would love to know the name of the color and where you bought it.

Thank you,