Thursday, May 07, 2009


Hello out I am, tinkering with my blog again. It's been a long time and I'm a little rusty. But it's nice to be here.

Bear with me. There is a lot to catch up on, about 9 months worth of news. And I know you have yours too (I still read it, actually.) But I'm not going in to my news just yet. First I just want to get back in the water and swim around a bit.

I will tell you one thing. Next month my family is going to be reunited at the Little Cottage. Yes, that's right, we're going home! I can't wait. And do you want to see what will be waiting for me when I get there?

Well, do you remember this?

Looking forward to posts to come. Thanks for stopping by, and I'll be back again soon.


lisagh said...

So great to see you back in Blogland!

Laurie Anne said...

Welcome back, Meg :0)

Maureen said...

Welcome back! I was happy to see this post. Hope all is well!