Friday, July 06, 2007

the wait is over

Tomorrow, as you know, is a lucky day. 7/07/07. It is a date expected to bring lots of luck to anxious brides and grooms, favorite sports teams, new babies who decide "today's the day!" I hope plenty of luck is delivered to all, as promised. As expected from such a great date!

Tomorrow is also my husband's birthday. And, truly, he's a lucky guy. He'd tell you that himself. His special birth date has worked for him from day one...07/07 (his mom will tell you that he was even lucky #7 on his hospital I.D. bracelet.) Lucky guy.

So tomorrow we are - just the two of us - taking the day and spending it with each other in the city. We have 2 different babysitters taking 2 different shifts throughout our long day away, the first reporting at 8:45 a.m. We haven't planned what we'll do yet, beyond take the train down and back. I'm sure we'll figure it out. Maybe a picnic lunch in Millennium Park. Maybe a trip to the Art Institute (where, sadly, we are members who have never used our membership.) Maybe a little shopping? A walk by our first apartment together? Definitely a special dinner at one of our favorite old haunts.

Anyway, here's what I'm wearing for the occasion. My new Lilly dress! I have had this in my closet with tags on for months now, waiting to wear it. First, waiting for the weather to be warm enough. Then, waiting for the right occasion. Last Saturday I considered it. We went out to dinner and it was a beautiful night...we sat outside under the stars. I considered my dress then, but knowing our plans for tomorrow decided to wait just a wee bit longer.

And now I'm happy that it's making its debut on such a grand date. The dress seems worthy of the great expectations surrounding this special Saturday in 2007. Or, perhaps it is the other way around? The date is worthy of the dress. hm mm. Not sure. Either way, I'm thrilled I'll be wearing it for just us tomorrow. On my husband's special day.


Belle-ah said...

How can a day not be lucky when you are in Lily??? Happy Bday to your DH!

tulipmom said...

I hope the day - from start to finish - will be as beautiful as you will undoubtedly look in your new dress.

Have a wonderful time! 2 babysitters back to back ... now that's brilliant!!

Happiest of birthdays to your hubby.

Lisa said...

And, as always he will adore you in that dress! Have a wonderful both deserve it!

Libby said...

Happy birthday Mr. Meg! Have a ball today, Meg you are going to look like a million-trillion bucks in your dress!

a. said...

Have a great day!!! Happy Birthday to your husband...he's lucky to have you :-)

I am feeling pretty lucky today already. I just found $11 in a tote bag that I forgot about. Love when that happens!

sisters with style said...

Great dress for a great day!

Deb said...

Happy Birthday to your husband.
Wishing your a wonderful day together (your dress is gorgeous).

Melissa said...

How lovely! Have a terrific time!

Rosemary said...

Have a magical and lucky day!!
I'm sure you will look beautiful in your special dress.

suburban prep said...

What a cute dress.
I hope that you had fun and that your husband had a wonderful birthday.
Hope that you were able to stay cool in the heat.

smilnsigh said...

Happy Birthday to your husband. And I'm sure you both had a lovely day away.


jilly said...

Oh what a sweet dress, I could live in Lilly. . . .such a great summer dress. I think your husband is lucky to have you too!