Monday, October 22, 2007

back yard action

Saturday's party was a lot of fun. A whole lot of fun! I wish now that I had taken some pictures, but we were so caught up in the moment that it never occurred to us to stop what we were doing and grab the camera. It had been a beautiful day and it was a perfect night for the party: clear skies, mild temps. We could go back and forth, inside and outside, without jackets or even sweaters. Lovely lovely night!

In the middle of our party prep on Saturday we were interrupted by these strange sounds coming from the backyard: clank, whir, creee, crash! crash! crash! They started out loud and got progressively louder. Not being able to see over our fence back there, we hustled up to my bedroom to have a look. Turns out there's another tear down, caddy corner behind us. We saw the garage of the house being knocked down. Looks like the house will be coming down shortly (maybe today?) My kids...just when I was saying how lucky they are to have had the construction going on across the street. Here's another golden opportunity for them to see those big men and machines at work.

P.S. Look who was with us this weekend...Snoopy again!


Tres Poshe Preppy said...

So glad you had fun, the weather was perfect! Also, that wine bottle is hilarious!

Alice said...

Happy that your party went well. I wonder if the Europeans came in their soccer kits. Those two sweeties in the picture have the cutest curly hair.

hqm said...

So glad your party was a hit!
And more entertainment for the kids....perfect!!!

Libby said...

The boys must be thrilled!

The party sounds absolutely delightful- I've always thought the not having any photos is a sign of a particularly good shindig. :)

Nunnie's Attic said...

I'm so glad that you had fun this weekend.

More construction? Good for the boys, bad for your ears!