Friday, May 09, 2008

daddy's helper

My son mowed the lawn about 7 times yesterday. And I think if it's dry tomorrow he'll be out there again. And where's his mower, when it's not in use?

As he told me,
"I like parking my mower right next to Daddy's mower, because I LOVE HIM SO MUCH."
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kristen said...

Now, that is something to smile about!!

Happy Mother's Day, Meg. Have a great weekend.

lisagh said...

So sweet!

suburban prep said...

Oh that so looks like my sister's house.

Rosemary said...

So cute Meg!
Happy Mother's Day!

velvet brick said...

How sweet is this? Like father, like son! Happy Mother's Day!
: )

hqm said...

That is the sweetest thing!

Shabbee Chick said...

How precious!