Friday, May 02, 2008


Remember this? Well, take a look at what came back yesterday!

Of course this means that my real life and blog friend Mary stopped by. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's always a treat when Mary stops by! And yesterday was no exception. My mirror looks beautiful in the picture, but it is even better in person. I am thrilled and amazed, once again, by Mary's wonderful work.

I hope all of you are doing well and ready for the weekend. Any special plans? Today is a special day for my husband and me. 10 years ago on this day is when he proposed. 10 years, my goodness time goes so fast, doesn't it? He always gets me flowers to mark the occasion. The first time he did this is when we were both working, and he sent flowers to my office. There was a woman I worked with (older, single) and she asked what the flowers were for. I distinctly remember her laughing (hand over mouth, incredulous, looking at me as if to say, what a young, naive girl) when I told her why he had sent me flowers. I think she even said something like, 'well that goes to show that you haven't been married very long' - or something mean like that. So, I don't keep in touch with that woman (no surprise) but I wish I could tell her right now that she was wrong to laugh, and that I still get flowers. Every year!

Happy Friday!

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Rosemary said...

Love that mirror Meg!!!
It looks great!!
You have a good weekend,

paige said...

enjoy your happy day
& totally fab mirror too

Laurie Anne said...

The mirror looks amazing. She is truly talented. Also, congrats on snagging a fella who still sends you flowers :0)

suburban prep said...

What a thoughtful husband you have.
The mirror is great.

tommie said...

what a thoughful gesture to remember such an amazing day! Negative people have no reason to be remembered!

LOVE love love the mirror..

I just have to say, as we are house hunting....I have been drawn to older homes. Did y'all have lots of work to do when you moved into your home?

Meg said...

Hi Tommie - yes, we did! Our cottage is/was a fixer upper.

Among the things we have done/tackled so far:

updated electrical
refinished the wood floors (ripped up carpet)
fresh paint inside & out
all new appliances
new HVAC & water heater
new roof
new gutters
new landscaping
new fence for yard
brought the grass back to life (it was a sea of clover when we moved in)
installed sump pump

hmmm...that's about all I can think of right now, I'm sure there's more. We've had a laundry list going since day 1, but at the same time, we've had loads of charm and character since the beginning, too.

Good luck with your house hunt. I will be looking forward to seeing where you end up!

christy said...

Mirror is AWESOME!

Elizabeth B @ A Classic Pearl said...

What a fabulous mirror. I love gingham, don't you! It looks so Mackenzie Childs. How did Mary do it- is it painted?

I want to see the cute chandelier in the background too!

becky said...

Wow - who needs MKC when you have Mary? the mirror is great!
And, what an amazing husband!