Friday, February 08, 2008


Hello! Long time, no write. Where have I been? I've been here.

Well, actually, I haven't been here all week. My husband and I took the kids late last week to visit the school that we are looking at for our oldest son (more on that later.) We got back around midnight on Monday night. So I've been here all week, just being quiet.

The way I see it, if I had posted about our snowstorm this week, me shoveling (husband was traveling), my son not sleeping and therefore me not sleeping, or just my general boo-hoo feelings (I have diagnosed myself as a sufferer of this) you may have been hard pressed to check back in with me.

But, hubby returned last night and, as always, the world has righted itself again. I've heard many people describe their special person this way, and it's true for me, too: he's my rock. My knight in shining armor. I just can't function right when he's not around. If he had a job where he traveled all the time, I don't know what I would do. We have so much going on here with our son, and I need him every day to help me make sense of it all. He makes me laugh, he keeps me sane, he keeps me going. Also, he is so kind, so sweet, so sensitive. Oh, I could talk your ear off about how good he is to me. I'll wrap it up for now, but just know that I'm happy he's back.

So, on a lighter note, here are some pictures that describe what's been going on in the Little Cottage this week. First of all, Mary stopped by. Mary, Mary! It's a great day when Mary is here. She came by to pick up this piece:
...which actually belongs to my mom. After seeing and hearing so much about Mary's work, my mom has become interested in joining the Mary fan club and having a piece painted by Mary for her very own. Let this serve as the official "before" photo, because you know I'll be back in a few weeks with some great after shots.

Of course I couldn't let Mary walk out the door without giving her something of my own as well. This mirror has been hanging above our mantel, and its time has come. So Mary will be working her magic on it, too.

Another highlight of the week: baking with Big Pink. We love her! The boys have even started to call her by name. Last night while they were eating I started mixing up cookie batter and they became so interested that they came into the kitchen and helped me finish the job. I didn't take a photo, but I had them sitting in their barstools over by the counter so they could peer into the bowl and see how things were mixing. They were thrilled to see the transformation. Little guys! I need to foster this interest in the kitchen so that maybe one day they'll take an interest in making dinner. You never know.
Today I have lunch plans with a neighbor who has become a very good friend, but unfortunately one who I don't see as often as I would like. We are treating ourselves to some time alone and I can't wait.

I hope you have a very nice weekend, and I promise to be back soon. Ta ta!


Belle-ah said...

I know so much what you mean. In the early early of parenthood I was alone much of the time because DH traveled. Those were so very hard times and I, too, was struck with boo-hooism from time to time! (((glad he is home)))

hqm said...

Hello, right back at you! Hope you are staying warm. We could use a snow day here...just to beable to skip the gym and stay in my pj's all day!
Can't wait to see Mary's work!

WSU Laura said...

Welcome back! My husband leaves alot for work too and as the boys get older it does get easier, but believe me I have gone thorugh many a "boo-hoo" times too. Can't wait to see the painted pieces and hear about the school. Have fun catching up with your friend.

suburban prep said...

It felt so good to get out of the house today even with the million and one potholes all over the Chicago area.
I am my 1 yr old nephews nanny on Friday and between last weeks snow storm and this weeks snowstorm I haven't been able to get from my area of the Chicago area to my parent's and my sister's area of the Chicago area.
Our condo association does the shovelling and they are earning their paycheck this year.

paige said...

cute post!
have a great weekend

Laurie Anne said...

Looking forward to the "after" pics. Your friend Mary does the most beautiful work. I have a mirror in my garage I'm trying to get the courage up to paint. I love the black and white checked mirror she did for you a while back, so I'm thinking of doing mine cream and light blue checks. Thanks for the continual inspiration :0)

Kerry said...

It is so nice to hear you talk about your husband like that... having someone to take of you is as important as taking care of someone.

Rosemary said...

Sounds like you have been a bit busy. I feel the same way about my husband. So glad he doesn't have to travel much either.
Don't function well without him.
I know exactly how that is.
You have yourself a great weekend.

tommie said...

The traveling time is the hardest. I had some special lights installed above my desk when we lived in Alaska. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! Happy weekend!

velvet brick said...

Hi Meg,
I felt badly since I haven't been visiting blogs as much as usual lately...but had to chuckle when you said you haven't posted as much lately either! I know you have much on your mind and I am so glad that you have your husband to walk through your journey with! Wonderful! Cute post and wishing you a sunny day! : )

tulipmom said...

I used a lightbox for a couple of years when I was living in Chicago ... very helpful.

Glad your husband is home.

Jenny said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what Mary does with those items.