Tuesday, February 19, 2008

is this your kitchen?

Is this your house?
I saw it online a few weeks ago and my husband found it today, and if it is yours, I must tell you that I love it. LOVE it! I would move right in tomorrow.

Can you save it for me?

Hello there...and welcome back to my blog. I must explain that I've been away only because I haven't had much to say. You saw the last post, written in a moment of angst. I finally had to delete it because it was bringing me down. But I have not nor will I forget your supportive comments. Thank you, thank you for those.

Not saying much leads me to believe that I'm happy making this forum about my house, and a bit about me, and of course my neighbors and friends, and how could I forget my hair and all the memes...but probably not about my son. I will mention him from time to time, as I have in the past. He is a part of me and a huge part of my heart, so you will still see him on the screen and in my words. Over time maybe I'll tell you what's going on with us right now. But maybe not until we've reached the other side and I know how this uncertain time is going to settle down. On the other hand, maybe not. I hope you'll stay with me, regardless. Knowing you as I do, I'm sure you will.

I'm glad I have an outlet here that is a happy place for me to go, and quite frankly, a light & breezy place to go. Right now that's all I can promise it will be.

So anyway, this house...what a beauty! I know I have only showed you one picture. But trust me, it's a winner.


paige said...

love that gorgeous kitchen....i think i'd cook every night!

we'll help you keep light & airy 'round here girlie!

homedaisy said...

oh, good. you are back! write about what you enjoy. we know what matters most to you. :)
hmmm...i wonder what kind of counter tops those are?

jilly said...

Oh I love the kitchen, would LOVE to see the rest of the house.

Check out http://myriverviewcottage.blogspot.com/

She has been posting some pretty cool houses in my area and she loves kitchens too.

Hope you guys are staying warmer than we are in the arctic tundra up here. . .when is Spring coming? It always creates such a newness in me! Bring on the jelly beans and peeps!

suburban prep said...

What a great place. I'll move in right now as well.
Stay warm today. So cold.

hqm said...

I consider my blog...MY BLOG...I share everything with the girls and MBM from lip balm and hairbrushes to time! So my blog is about ME!!!!
Glad to have you back!

Kellie said...

If you move in, I'm coming with ya.

And I'm more than happy to read about your house... And I'm dying to see the photos of the painting furniture coming up!

Deb said...

That is a gorgeous kitchen. When it's cold and snowy outside, it's the perfect time to dream about all the reno's we'd like to do :-} Do you keep a "wish list" file? I have one for the garden and house and recently ticked one of my wish list items off when I found a pair of bookcases for my kitchen :-}

Anonymous said...

What a stunning kitchen - I hope you find the owner, just for curiosity sake! So glad to see you posting - no matter what the topic is about. Love your blog.

chriskauf said...

I found Carrie Today , I too have the mag I think you are talking about , raphaeldesigns.com she is in the current Country living magazine.
Sorry to hone in on your question , but I love her work and have been wondering where to find her stuff.

Southern Fried Girl said...

OMG, when you find that kitchen, can I just have half?

Stitcher S said...

It's gorgeous, but guess what? I was just looking at your kitchen remodel photos and I love your kitchen, too. (We live in a house from the same era.) I would love to paint my cupboards white, but I just can't get my husband to that side.

Glad to see you back, by the way.

Ladybug's Picnic said...

Glad I found your blog again and that you are posting. I understand completely about what you choose to blog about. I have tons I *could* blog about but usually don't.