Tuesday, April 29, 2008

retail therapy

Hello again. I take it you are really interested in knowing about my shopping last weekend since you've come back. Well...let's get to it!

First item to share, a new Kate Spade purse:
So perfect for spring & summer! Admittedly, it looked a little better on my arm on Saturday as I was cruising around Charlotte with my sunglasses on. Back home it looks like I'm plain out of my head, since yesterday it was raining/snowing and everyone is wearing goosedown coats again. But when the mercury climbs a bit higher, together me & the new bag will hit our stride out amongst the sandal-wearing crowd in the Midwest.

* * *

Next up, a new dress (j.crew):

ah...more white, the essence of summer! And you know how I feel about summer. I spied this dress online several weeks ago and just had to try it in person. Voila, it is mine! They say you know you are already in trouble once you step into the dressing room. It was me v. the dress in there. Once it was zipped up I looked in the mirror and saw soft breezes, warm sand, & blue ocean. Next thing I knew they were ringing me up at the counter. There was no way I could resist.

* * *

The purse and my dress are the biggest highlights. Other prizes include a hot pink Lilly polo dress, which I was lucky to find on special. I can't find a picture of that. But I did find a picture of these wild shorts:

Also from j.crew. I think they look like men's swim trunks. Cute, no? I ordered them via the red phone in store...a new experience for me....shows you what a serious shopping mood I was in...totally nuts by then. I'm hoping that their arrival later this week will coincide with the sun popping out. And staying out for good!
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christy said...

Oh, the white dress is perfect. I love white. And, I adore white dresses! The bag is super swank, too. I wish for a weekend to go shopping = I am green with envy!

paige said...

over -the- top -wonderful- cuteness!!

tommie said...

I had my eye on that bag!

That dress is adorable. It totally looks like a beach portrait dress.

Merci-Notes said...

OOO Meg!
The girl in the photo ( the one wearing YOUR shorts) is also wearing the smile after smile you and Lisa must have been wearing for your shopping trip! {that is a loong sentence!} Her smile just felt like your words about your shopping trip!
I LOVE everything!

homedaisy said...

nice! the bag and dress go perfectly together.
if it doesn't get any warmer there, just come back.

lisagh said...

The bag is great!

suburban prep said...

Each item is a great find. Love the purse, dress and shorts. I'll have to go shopping with you because you have great taste.

Kerry said...

now that is what I call retail therapy... I by the way love your new blog design - although it might not be new anymore. I read most of the blogs through a reader now and I miss when people make design changes!

a. said...

I haven't been here to visit in forever and can't seem to catch up. I see that you are moving!?!

Love the KS bag.

I know you are a big McKenzie-Childs fan and wanted to ask if you ever purchase McKenzie-Childs online? I would like to buy a gift for someone and haven't bought any pieces for myself in a long time (no where to put them!). Thanks!

Meg said...

Hi a.! Thanks for coming back. Just by chance I got an email from MacKenzie Childs this a.m. that they are having a May sale...so maybe you will have luck ordering directly from them? I've never had a problem with them before. Have fun!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

I too love the new look!

Cute finds!!! I LOVE that dress and wanted it in navy. However, I can't carry it off, the back that is (due to too much in front) ;) I hope you enjoy for me! :) Also, the bag is fabulous. I have the KS Little Compton white/wicker minu ready to use this summer! I love the KS wicker baskets!!!

Belle-ah said...

LOVE the bag!!!! Perfect!!!!