Tuesday, April 22, 2008

tuesday update

I like that title. Have you visited Tommie? She keeps a nice blog.

So anyway, here we are, Tuesday already. The emails continue from our realtor, showing us new and updated listings. I think we get about 4-5 emails each day. I don't mind getting them, in fact I like the way things work. You can see a house and see the changes to its listing in real time! - or something close to it. The picture above comes from a house with an interesting listing. It may be too small for us, it's hard to tell without seeing it in person. But we still have plenty of time for house browsing, and I'm probably getting too far ahead by even thinking about it.

I've been busy since Sunday working on my assignments that came out of last week's meeting. Burning the midnight oil does not come naturally to me, I am a morning person. So sending in my work to be reviewed this morning gave me a sense of relief for two reasons. I got the work done, and I can go to bed early tonight.

My son is upstairs right now having quiet time. His afternoon nap kind of fell by the wayside over the past couple of months. But now and then he still needs it. I was inspired to call this new exercise quiet time after reading Sara's blog. Giving a new name to an old practice did the trick in terms of getting him interested. Thank goodness for that! We have about an hour before we make our way to kindergarten for afternoon pick up. Maybe I'll partake in quiet time, too.

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hqm said...

I had a little quiet time this afternoon! Heavenly...but, now I am having trouble motivating myself to get anything else done!

suburban prep said...

Sarah has a really very nice blog.

tommie said...

Whew hoo! Thanks, I am so glad I found your blog as well.

We are in the midst of giving up naps as well. But we do a quiet time for at least an hour after school (from 1-2). About once a week the three year old will fall asleep.

I am so excited to finally be house hunting!

christy said...

Oh, how I need quiet time. I dream of it. I love it. It has been so long since I have devoured any- or even had a nibble.