Sunday, April 06, 2008

major development

We are home again. And wow, what a week! Based on the posts I was writing last week, you may have expected to drop by today and see something written about a contingency offer, or moving dates, or some other silly nonsense like that (maybe not so silly, but still.)

Well, I'll tell you. All last week we thought and we thought and we thought some more. About our move, and where to live, and selling our house, and buying another one (maybe even buying that one.) And somewhere toward the end of the week something just wasn't clicking with us. No, not about the house, more about the overall situation of moving, and what is required for us to move successfully. We had to back up a bit and take a closer look at the facts we had in front of us.

The thing is, right now there is no certainty in this whole plan, except that our son will be starting school in the fall ('08). As I mentioned before, the job situation is up in the air. Our house (present location) situation is up in the air (not on market.) So, why try to put the cart before the horse?

The conclusion we've made is, let's get the horse back before the cart. Yes, school begins in 5 months. That gives us 5 months to firm up everything (job) first. The house(s) will follow. Until the job is set, we can't sell ours and we can't buy another. And yes, this may seem a bit obvious now, but there are a lot of details about a potential job change that I'm not sharing. So it's fair to say that we could have pursued what we were thinking about last week in terms of selling right away.

In the meantime, that house I like so much has been on the market for about 5 months already. What are the chances that it will stick around another 5 months (or longer) for me? Hmmm. Don't answer that.

Well, I may have to let this one go, and that's ok. I will remember it, and all the pictures we took of it fondly. For instance, the picture above is a shot of the doorbell, located above one of the doorways in the kitchen. A-door-able. Of course, in my mind I had already moved in before we actually heard it, and when my husband rang it for me I just about fell over. Talk about old fashioned! Just icing on the cake.


homedaisy said...

there is always something to fall in love with out there. good idea to take pictures, you can use those ideas later :) i'm glad you are sharing your journey.

Merci-Notes said...

Selfishly... I can breath for a few more months... weep, weep.

tommie said...

But it is so exciting to know that there is another house out there that you can dream about.