Friday, April 18, 2008

home again

This isn't my laundry room; it's one I found while browsing online. It is cute, though, isn't it? I do love painted floors. And those little shutters on the window there...very cute. Such a neat and tidy laundry area! Just looking at it makes me feel more inspired to tackle the growing mound of laundry waiting for me in the hamper upstairs. Then again, I think I can wait a bit longer on that.

My overnight trip was great. There & back, quick as can be, just as planned. And I did return home with more work to do, so I'm pleased. The funny thing about freelance work is, it could all disappear tomorrow. The client could pull the project, the funding would disappear, I'd go back to being just me instead of the me who moonlights as a career girl. But that's Ok. The trip was good, and that's all I need to think about right now.

Tonight's post will conclude my listing of lows and highs of the day. With a new week starting, I should think about something else to do. I've liked having a theme, so I'll give it some thought over the weekend. In the meantime, these lists are lows and highs from today as well as yesterday:

-actually, I can't think of any

-yesterday's heels were a hit
-the work was interesting
-quality sleep
-traveling safe
-happy reunions at school and home
-pizza on the porch, all 4 of us together tonight

* * *
Have a great weekend!

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tommie said...

that is a cute wash room. I love painted floors. But I have never done it. But between military quarters and the homes we have owned....just hasn't happened!

So glad you had a nive dinner on the porch. We have 'pizza Friday' fun, and I love not cooking one night!

Happy weekend!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Back in the cottage is always the best place to be!


All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Dear Meg, I'd be a bit worried about the wiring in that laundry.:-)

And love how there are

"highs and lows"

... Well "there really weren't any lows"

Love a positive outlook :-)

Jenny said...

I'm glad you had a good trip, and your heels were a hit.
I always suffer if I wear heels now... I am just not used to them anymore.

I like the blue and white diamond shapes on the floor. I would love to paint a wooden floor one day.

Meg said...

the wiring...that probably is a little suspicious looking. Good point!

hqm said...

That is a pretty laundry thing missing in our gianormous huge is a decent laundry room! It is on my "list" because frankly it is the room I spend the most time should be comfy!

christy said...

Here's to quality sleep!