Tuesday, April 08, 2008

how was your day, dear?

I don't know about you, but I spent a lot of money yesterday. Is that tacky to say? Sorry, but there's no other way to describe it. Fortunately, I didn't buy anything of the frivolous variety. No sirree. No UPS truck deliveries to feel guilty about, or stuffed shopping bags to tote upstairs. Nope. I was thinking in a much more, ahem, practical way (this is just how I felt when we bought our new furnace, air conditioner, and water heater in December '06.)

First thing yesterday morning we had a visit from U.S. Waterproofing. Time for a sump pump to be installed in the basement of the Little Cottage! This is about the best picture I could manage of that exercise. I will say this much: the crew was quick, clean, and courteous. They were here about 4 hours.

Next up, dishwasher repair. This is actually visit #2 of the same dishwasher repair project. It seems that our heater/dryer inside died last month. So we had a new part ordered during visit #1, and yesterday was installation day (visit #2.)

Ka-ching, Ka-ching, Ka-ching!

Now, let's look at the silver lining:

April showers bring May flowers.

How very true. Good thing we'll be prepared for this year's April activity with our new sump pump to pump out any extra showers that are tempted to fill up our window wells. Why, just looking at the forecast for later tonight/tomorrow - we could be drenched. But our basement will be dry.

A dry plate saves time. Another truism! I will enjoy emptying the dishwasher again and not having to pause to wipe off water droplets on our plates, dishes, and silverware. That will surely save us extra minutes in the morning, when we're all playing Beat the Clock.

All in all, these are good things to have happen. Especially on a Monday, wouldn't you say?


Kelli said...

Don't you just love those days where you get a lot done at once? I've come to terms with the idea of spending a lot of money in one day because I'm starting to see the good results in my house.

Rosemary said...

Fun fun!!

Merci-Notes said...

A dry basement is the best!