Tuesday, April 15, 2008

cubs home opener

No, not those cubs. My cubs! My husband put up the trampoline again last week, and it's made a world of difference around here, getting the cubs outside for some serious exercise. They are laughing and playing (and tackling) without realizing how tired they're getting or how much fresh air they're taking in. I love it! And it makes me so happy to see them outside at last. Today was a real treat - even warm enough to go barefoot. happy day!

I enjoyed my lists from yesterday so much that I'm continuing it again tonight. Maybe if I'm really good I can do this all week. All day long I've been making mental checklists of what I'd include for highs and lows of the day. It's a good way to take stock of things and appreciate the small gifts.

So anyway...drumroll...here's my lists for today:


- Baby Katie is home

- my new blog design, thanks to The Shabbee Chick!

- even more sun and more warmth (see pix above)

- walking downtown with my son

- eating our packed lunch on a bench, watching construction machines

- visiting the library

- walking to kindergarten to pick up big bro

- the three of us walking home together

- stopping to watch trains in the open field

- trampoline action for the cubs (and me)

- dinner on the porch (for only the second time this year)


Getting a tad sentimental during the walk home, thinking of how nice our life is here, how we're able to walk everywhere (school, shops, library, restaurants, train), my husband works 5 minutes away, our friends are all over our neighborhood, we love our Little Cottage. We will be sad to say goodbye...

Gee, maybe I should flip the highs and lows list? What a bummer to end on a low note! Wait, I know. I'll add a P.S.

P.S. Last night we all slept great, and I'm thinking tonight we all will again. Fresh air and all...
have a great night! xo


tommie said...

so glad things are warming up around there. I know the kids love to ask "May we go get some sunshine?" when they want to go outside.

LOVE love love the new blog!

lisagh said...

WOW! The new design is gorgeous.

kristen said...

Love the new design!!

Libby said...

The new layout looks fantastic and your cubs look very happy and healthy. :)

I know what you mean about feeling sentimental- I'm feeling it and we're not moving until August. My advice: stay away from the country radio stations- there was a song on last night that had me almost in tears because it was about missing an old home!

Belle-ah said...

I love your new look! 20 gazillion thumbs up!!!

suburban prep said...

Such a beautiful day in the Chicago area today. I hope that you and your little ones are out there enjoying.
The new design is so great.

christy said...

I love the new blog design. Did you do it?

christy said...

oops, sorry. I was reading as I was typing. See, this is why I don't multi task! I see that Shabbee designs did it. My, they did a great job. i love it!