Monday, April 14, 2008

highs and lows

Doing well over here in the Little Cottage today, despite it being Monday and blah blah start of the week. Actually, I never really have a problem with Monday itself, it's just the responsibility that comes with it. Anyway, in my attempt to be a more consistent blogger, I'm gathering together a list of good and bad for today. So let's review...

today's highs
- Baby Mimi is home
- sunny skies and warm temps: spring is here!
- a quick jog outside
- clean car: vaccum inside, wash outside
- (even better?) car wash costs a mere $3 and vaccum is free
- somehow avoiding eating my new favorite cereal, Cookie Crisp, for breakfast
- playing play dough with my son and making him laugh
- paying the bills (job done)
- changing the sheets, cleaning the sheets & putting the sheets away
- a call from a potential new employer for freelance work
- 2 calls from 2 special friends

today's lows
- garage door repairman visit (don't ask)
- forgetting that last little thing on my grocery list so I gotta go back out later
- eating too much candy from last night's gift bag at work
- one of my sons flushed his sock down the toilet
- it's 6:30 and I am just about to take a shower

I hope you had a great start to your week!


Rosemary said...

List making, good idea!!
Hope you had a great day!!

jilly said...

Happy to hear Baby Mimi is home, that is great news.

The sock made me giggle, then it made me wonder if that is where all the lost socks go!

linda said...

Love the pic of the dining room- Love the paint color....The list idea is cute- the sock story so typical of kids, no?

hqm said...

Love the sock being flushed...
I didn't get into the shower until after 10PM...I was in my stinky gym clothes ALL day!

becky said...

the sock down the toilet thing...that made my monday sound pretty good! hope all is taken care of.

thanks bunches for the advice on my picture "problem"...i've decided to leave it and add other things like you suggested! :)

velvet brick said...

Oh dear Meg! Sorry I've been away for awhile...loved your post and may I just say how stylin' your blog's new look is??? How do you talented ladies do this?? I'm so tired of the ones offered on blogger, but don't know how to punch mine up! Love the look! It makes me smile! Hope all the 'lows' rise to 'highs' for you! : )

Kellie said...

Oh Meg! I love, love, love Amber's redesign! It's so very you.

And FYI, I'm always meaning to tell you that I love your name. Simple, sweet, and it reminds me of "Little Women."

Meg said...

You are all so kind, how could I not love these comments?

VB - the design is by The Shabbee Chick. I must say that I highly recommend her!