Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Hi, still looking over here in the new city. This house is one I've seen online only but am hoping to get my feet into within the next few days. Intriguing, no?

What a web of choices we are facing over here, in terms of this suburb over that suburb, & this community over that community, & commuting, & jobs, & access to amenities. Oh, and we can't even buy a house until we sell ours, so why are we going through the torture now? Everything on the market here could change by then. Still, asking a lot of questions this week - given the homes that are available right now - is helping us sort through what's important and what's not.

I still love option #1 from Sunday (if you were sitting here with me I'd tell you about potential furniture placement.) And I will keep you posted on what happens with that one, as well as all the others as we journey along in our decision. I sure hope you've got a comfortable chair to settle into. This is going to be a long show!


tommie said...

I love that kitchen! I like open spaces in that area. So many times people congregate in there, so it seems closed in.

paige said...

oh fun!!
i love peeking at your choicesm,especially those darn cute kitchens
good luck

linda said...

Oh what fun!!!! Love that kitchen.