Wednesday, April 16, 2008

trip tomorrow

I have a business trip tomorrow, and I'm really excited about it.

My freelance work doesn't get the respect it deserves. From me, that is. I never really seek it out, I always wait for it to come along and find me. And when it does, I'm delighted! So, why don't I try harder to make it a real, on-going (as in all the time) thing? I could get business cards printed up. I could stop relying on my reputation alone to elicit new jobs. I could go out and hustle up new business with phone calls and visits and follow up emails. Well...all in good time. I keep saying I'm going to do it, and who knows, one day I just might.

In the meantime, the work has been very good lately, and I have an overnight trip tomorrow to visit a client that I used to work for back when I was a full-timer. And I am traveling with people who I used to work with. One of the guys was my boss a really long time ago. So it's a reunion of sorts.

We have a big meeting in the morning and afternoon, then dinner out tomorrow night. Then back on Friday before anyone is home from school. And I will hopefully be returning with more work to do. Neat and tidy, eh? You can see why I'm excited.

Anyway, since I won't be blogging tomorrow, I'm going to do a very good list tonight of my lows and highs of the day.

-not sleeping well
-not at all, actually. hmph.
-feeling grumpy because of it
-running out of ideas for dinner (help?)
-realizing that I have a sunburn ring around my neck from yesterday's t-shirt
-feelings of anxiousness over situations beyond my control
-worst of all, remembering this later than I would have liked

-$39.99 + an additional 25% off in store
- last year's sandals made their 2008 debut
- a new blouse and heels to wear tomorrow (heels! what am I thinking)
- best of all, homedaisy is free next week when I'll be visiting Charlotte

* * *
I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday night and a great Thursday.

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becky said...

Hope your trip is the way, I love your new look!

linda said...

Have a great business trip ( I miss those!). Love your heels!

becky said...
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J said...

Love the shirt! I just ordered it this morning, though not with the 25% off!

tommie said...

I think I have that same it Vera?

Love the shirt. Have fun on your trip!

Deb said...

I love the new look here Meg - very pretty. Have a wonderful trip.

paige said...

oh cuteness...i love your new summery blog look, so cottagey too!
are you & bethy college buddies?
too fun
hope you get a great nights sleep tonight. i have struggled with that for 2 years & yes it truly takes a huge toll on you

Kellie said...

I'm so jealous! You get to have fun with Miss Homedaisy! Have fun on your business trip/reunion!

Rosemary said...

Hope your trip went well.
Have a great weekend!

Meg said...

Hi Tommie - yes, it's vera! From quite a few years back. I still love the pattern.

Hi Paige - no, Bethy and I are not college friends, just blog friends. Now who would have ever thought they'd say that? "blog friend"? It still surprises me a little bit.