Tuesday, May 13, 2008

pbs tonight

Have you read this?
Oh my gosh, I first read it about 10 years ago and loved it - I just thought it was such a gripping story. Right after I read it there was an IMAX film about the disaster on Everest, it was showing here at the Museum of Science and Industry. Like the book, I thought it was mesmorizing. And I loved having the visual to support what I had only been able to imagine in my head while reading the book. Perhaps you saw it, too.

Right now our book club is reading this book, so I have a renewed interest in this subject. There isn't an IMAX movie out now, but one of our book clubbers did find this show, starting tonight on pbs. Check your local listings if you're interested. I am looking forward to tuning in!

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Cottage Magpie said...

My brother is really into this stuff, and he's started getting me into it. I haven't read the book yet, but this show looks good. Thanks for the tip!
~Angela :-)

christy said...

I am reading Into the Wild right now. I just started it. I can barely put it down. He's a newbie to my faves list!

Laurie Anne said...

We saw the IMAX Everest film when I was preggers with Ben and I could not stop crying. When they patched through the call to the pregnant wife so they could name the baby was just too much. I'm sure the book would be a facinating read. I'll have to check it out :0)

suburban prep said...

My parents and some ladies at my Wednesday group were talking about this show. They said it was just fascinating.

Jenny said...

I'll search out the book.
I loved 'Into the Wild', but have not read this one.