Sunday, June 08, 2008

6 unimportant things

Hello! Long time no write. Happy June!

I hope things are well with you. Are you happy that summer is here? Me too. Is it hot where you live? Same here. School all done? Yep, and summer school begins tomorrow. Have you been spending time at the pool? You bet!

I am sitting at my computer after having been away for a week. I am supposed to be working but I can't seem to get in the mode. So thank you to Millie for a tag:

6 unimportant things for me to share with you:

1. Today I went on the Custom Home Tour going on in my area. There were 20 custom built homes featured - all homes built from teardowns, all new, all for sale, ranging in price from $1MM - $3MM. My friend and I toured 17 before we called it a day.

2. Of the 17 homes we saw, there was one that I loved. A couple more were pretty good. The rest were not for me. One was dreadful.

3. I decided that the reason that I didn't like most of the homes that I saw is because they are just too much. Not too expensive - though they are pricey - I mean, Just Too Much. Too ornate, too formal, too over the top, too custom. It is as if the builders are falling over themselves to create something that has never been seen before. It's hard to imagine a family living in space like that. Certainly it's hard to imagine small people feeling comfortable there.

4. There was another home that I saw today and loved. For sale (open house) but not on the tour. Same price range though. But...different. Beautiful, inviting, and although large it was intimate. I could totally see a (my) family fitting in there very well.

5. Switching gears a little bit here. After the tour my friend and I went to the hospital to see our friend Nicole, who just had a baby girl yesterday.

6. The baby is beautiful! And, what a lucky birthday: 6/7/08. I would think that with a birthday like that, she is destined to lead a charmed life. Don't you?

* * *
I'm back this a.m. (Monday). I posted this last night and then realized....I think #s 5 & 6 are not unimportant things. They are important things!


Millie said...

Meg thanks so much for your lovely post & joining in. The message I received from your observations on your House Tour is that bigger doesn't often mean better, & it certainly doesn't automatically bring style & good taste! I guess that's how the term 'McMansion' has evolved.

How lovely to finish your day with the joy of meeting a new life - really doesn't get much better does it!
Millie ^_^

suburban prep said...

There are so many houses that are being built in the Chicago area that are over the top large.
I grew up on the North Shore in not a small house but not a large house either. (I have six younger siblings). To see all the houses that are rising and they are soo much. I just think about the cleaning and all that goes into keeping up a house of that size.

Laurie Anne said...

Hi Meg,
My mom always said "less is more" and I think that totally applies to houses today. Way over the top is not for me either.
Our plan is to spend the summer by the pool as well, but someone needs to let our weather man know summer has started. We haven't seen sun since mid May :0)

tommie said...

I totally agree with the things you said about those showcase homes. I can't even imagine how much house that would get in TX.

Belle-ah said...

LOL I think I completely understand your feelings about the show houses...there is a lot to them. Glad to see you back and bloggin' - you have been missed.

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

I totally agree! So many homes (especially on the norths shore) are over the top- Clive Christian on steroids! The more I see, the more I realize how simple I really am. Clean, crisp and classic, that's my look!