Friday, June 27, 2008

first tooth!

The big news around here is that my son's tooth fell out yesterday. In the middle of the afternoon - pop! - out it came. We don't really know exactly how it happened, but from what he told us through his tears, we understood that the tooth coming out was a little scary. He said it was in his mouth, and then it went down to his tummy. Gulp!

So here's the note he left the Tooth Fairy last night (we wrote, he dictated).

Dear Tooth Fairy,
Surprise!!! My tooth was loose and it fell into my tummy! And then I cried! But then I felt happy!

He signed it with a picture of himself, and on the other side he drew a picture of a big tooth with a big hole at the bottom.

It was pretty exciting around here last night, talking about the Tooth Fairy visiting us during the night. In the meantime, my younger son kept saying he had lost a tooth, too, but we finally convinced him that all his teeth are still in his mouth.

This morning there was another burst of excitement, as we looked in the pillow to see what the Tooth Fairy had brought. Something for the piggy bank, that's for sure!

What a day.

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lisagh said...

So cute! I can't imagine how scary that would be... you have a tooth (or teeth) and then *pop* all of a sudden one comes out!

MMM said...

So sweet! Love the pillow! How much is a tooth worth these days?

suburban prep said...

That is quite the milestone in your family.

Nunnie's Attic said...

How cute! I love the little note.


tommie said...

That is so cute....the missing tooth and the pillow! My four year old is all about when his first tooth will come out!

Ashley said...

soooooooo cute! love the self portrait...oh, you will so cherish that when he's 30 as well...blessings!

bluemagpie said...

Fun story! I love the dictated note with the picture. I am starting to look for a tooth fairy pillow. Saw some cute ones on Ebay. . .My little girl will be 6 next spring. I have a feeling I might need to get on the ball soon!

Millie said...

A lovely post Meg! These moments are a great reminder that it's so important to keep the traditions going in our family life. I bet your son will do the same with his own children.
Millie ^_^

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

That is so adorable! I miss those moments with little ones!

Meg said...

mmm - I feel shy to tell you what a tooth goes for these days! But let's just say that it's enough that you need to lose more than 1 tooth to buy the toy of your dreams (plus, piggy banks do collect interest.)

Thanks, everyone, for your nice comments. ;)