Monday, July 17, 2006

Ready! Set! wait.

The house painter who we had lined up to start this week has gone MIA. I'm sure he's overbooked himself with summer business. It's disappointing that he didn't work out, but better to find out now than somewhere in mid-job that he's unreliable. The good news is that we have a comparable quote from another guy and he says he can start around the middle of September. That seems like a long way off, considering we were all set to go...but I'm sure in the end I won't even remember that I had to wait a little longer.

We want to lighten the place up, so we're having the wood shingles painted white to match the siding up top. We're planning black shutters and a red door. I was looking around for pictures, and this one is close to what I'm imagining for our place. I think the red door will give it a nice touch.

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