Monday, July 31, 2006

maybe it's finally time

We were away last week on vacation and I had time to think about my furniture. My dilemma has been, do I paint white my buffet and china cabinet? Both pieces are beautiful, both not necessarily 'me'.

The china cabinet came my way a few years ago when my parents bought a new one. My mom purchased it at a garage sale for less than $100 waaaay back when. Important to note: I have a matching dining room table, currently in storage (since I don't have a dining room.)

The story of the buffet is similar. I love the piece, but I can certainly imagine it painted white, with some beautiful new knobs/pulls (glass?). I saw a buffet so much like it that had been painted at an antiques shop a few years ago and that image continues to stick in my mind.

I'm about ready to jump in and do the china cabinet. Even if it is reunited with the table some day, I don't think I'd mind it if the pieces don't 'match'. The buffet scares me a little bit. It's a beautiful piece, and I don't want to ruin it. But with my love of white and all....hmmmm! Does anyone have some advice to share about this...any chance you encountered a similar project or situation? What did you do? What would you do?


homedaisy said...

yes yes yes, paint it paint it paint it. :) :)
i have painted just about every dark thing i have ever owned and i have NEVER regretted it. i started painting things when i was first married ten years ago and people would say i was being trendy then - nope, i still love paint. wood is beautiful and i appreciate it, so i know it is hard - devastating to some, but if you are a paint person (which i believe you are), you will LOVE it painted.

feliciak said...

I'd probably check with an antiques dealer first, to get an idea of the value in current condition. If it's negligible, go for the painting. A person doesn't stay with the same hairstyle their whole life, do they? Why should the buffet have to stay with the stain?!

Meg said...

Thanks for the input. Believe me, it helps!