Tuesday, August 01, 2006

kate libby

Do you like it when it's time to change the calendar? Maybe you've never thought about it before. I do, because I'm a huge fan of Kate Libby. I've been buying her calendars for several years. First it was the little desk calendar, then I graduated to the wall calendar. It's a delight to see the new picture that comes out of the box each month.

About a year ago I logged onto the Art for Every Day (Kate Libby) site to look at calendars for 2006 and saw a note from her publisher that Kate had died during the summer, leaving behind a devoted husband and son. What a tragedy. She was so young and obviously very talented. Through her art it was apparent how devoted she was to her family and the life they had in Maine. It's a small consolation that Kate's prints will continue to be sold in calendar form for the foreseeable future. But it's sad to think that she's not still painting away up there, in her little cottage.

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