Monday, August 07, 2006

now here's something new

Look at's my wall clock hanging on for dear life as it struggles to keep the time on a wood paneled wall that is swollen from the heat. In case the picture isn't obvious, the lower half of the clock is protruding about 4 inches out from the wall, and you know it usually hangs flat against it. We've noticed temperature changes on this wall before (close inspection of the paneling reveals where the paint has been stressed by hot/cold changes throughout the year) but nothing like this. I guess that's what several days of 100+ degree temps can an old house with inefficient heating & cooling....oh, I can only imagine this month's electricity bill. I wonder how long it will take before things right themselves again and my clock can come down for a safe landing. Life in a cottage, indeed!

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feliciak said...

Well, just another reason to dislike panelling!