Wednesday, August 23, 2006

the gift of baking

It was my turn to thank a friend who had done a nice favor for me recently, so I made her this apple pie from a Paula Deen recipe. Thank you, Homedaisy, for your post about your cookies the other day, it inspired me to turn to my recipe box! I must confess that my cooking and baking has been almost nonexistant this summer. Most of the year I love to keep busy in the kitchen, but when it's warm out I tend to lose interest. The extent of my summertime cooking has been boiling water for my vegetable steamer and heating up the grill. But, that's why we love summer, right?


Lisa said...


Love the Brighton Pavillion plate! It makes that delicious pie look that much better, right? I have fond memories of that pie last Thanksgiving. I made the cookies you mentioned by Homedaisy. You must try them...easy and delicious!

homedaisy said...

you do need to bake more cuz that is one beautiful pie!!

and lisa is right, the cookies are simple, simple. i am an impatient, sloppy cook. i don't know if i could do a pie. i'm glad i could inspire one though :)