Thursday, August 17, 2006

out and about

...and came across this lovely scene that I thought you'd appreciate.

This cottage is actually in my neighborhood. I don't know the couple who lives here, but I do see them out in their garden quite often when I am taking walks with my young boys.

Talk about a labor of love! Their gardening talent and creativity is inspiring. Notice the cute little house that they have on their doorstep...that stays out all year long. The whole picture is so welcoming.

And I guess that's what I like about it the most. My litmus test for whether I could live in a house is always this: if I was a Girl Scout going door-to-door selling cookies, would I feel comfortable knocking on the door (because the house looks inviting), or intimidated (because of its formality or lack of character)? This one obviously passes with flying colors. If only there were more of these little gems around.


homedaisy said...

oh, it reminds me of my grandmother's house. i will post a pic. so you can see. this really is lovely, you must have a great neighborhood, love all the cape cods. what is that thing by the sidewalk?

Meg said...

Oddly enough, we don't have lots of Capes. The ones that we do have are winners, though. For the most part.

My photo caught some of their recycling, I think. Topped off by an old lampshade. Kinda goes with the cottage theme, though. ha

homedaisy said...

oh, that is too funny. i thought maybe in your neck of the woods that's what fire hydrants looked like! it does kind of match :)