Sunday, January 13, 2008

...and even more trains

This will be my last post on trains. At least for now.

Last night my husband and I had plans to go out - dinner, movie, a little shopping - it was going to be a great night. But our youngest son just couldn't kick the bug that's been bothering him over the last few days. So instead of going out, we took the kids to my in-law's for a little while.

No matter how bad you're feeling, a little train action can perk you up. Especially when you're 3.

Here's my father in-law's home office, where he's built a train track that runs around the perimeter of the room:
He turned the trains on about 2 minutes after we arrived. Per the requests of our train guys.

Here the train is about to enter a tunnel...

...that my father in-law built. The little markers on the tunnel show the family line. The line begins in the towns where my father in-law and mother in-law grew up. The following stops show where they lived after they got married and where their children were born.

The kids love seeing the trains come through the tunnel.

I'm too short to get them up here, but their daddy can lift them up (although I think it's getting a little harder each time!)

We didn't stay here too long, and got the kids home quickly to get to bed early. But our littlest boy is still feeling sick today, so it looks like another day of rest is on the agenda. Thankfully he's the only one sick so far. And hopefully he'll be feeling better soon.


suburban prep said...

Hope that the little one feels better soon.
My sister has two little guys (2 & 1) who love trains as well. They love going to the Depot in Winnetka or to the place in Park Ridge where you can have your lunch sent to you via a train.

For Christmas I even found them a coat rack in the shape of Thomas the Tank Engine and on Friday I found slippers at Target in the shape of Thomas for under 2.00. They had only the size to fit the older of the two boys but I got little teddy bear slippers for the younger guy.

hqm said...

I hope he feels better soon!

velvet brick said...

Wonderful photos! My pediatric dentist is a train buff and has a train going around the lobby and through the offices of his practice! His lobby looks like a train station and it's been a hit with the little ones for 25 years! There's just something about trains that appeals to all! Sorry your little guy is under the weather. Maybe you and hubby can make that 'date night' next weekend. Have a blessed week!

Hemstitch & Hydrangea said...

Sorry you missed your date night- but hope most of all little guy is on the mend- . Hope you are all better and set to have a good week- call the baby sitter and reschedule.

The Nester said...

Hi! I'm new here, I found you from Life with Lulu. Love your before and afters! What a sweet home! I think the porch was my favorite, I am so envious! You are very talented!

NAME: CIELO said...

Oh how clever! I'm sure your kids love grandpas' trains.... We used to go to a country restaurant out in a little town where a train like that dashed around the whole restaurant, and eaters could enjoy seeing the little train while eating…. so cute!

Have a lovely day


Rosemary said...

How nice for your children! I hope the little one is feeling better soon. Hope nobody else gets sick.

Anonymous said...

I hope your little babe is better soon. I love the trains, so cool and just fantastic for the kids.

christy said...

That train is AWESOME!

Libby said...

Oh my goodness, that's really cool! There's something about trains that is just magical, isn't there?

I hope you're little guy is feeling better soon.

tommie said...

Those trains would make any boy feel better!