Saturday, January 12, 2008

cookie time

Word has it that our new neighbors have moved in. Remember them? I was pretty good at keeping you updated on their construction progress, then autumn came, holidays rolled around, and I got distracted. Well, to bring you up to speed, here's their house today, Saturday, January 12th:

Do you remember how things used to look? It was about a year ago that I told you the old house would be coming down. Now that it's down and the new one is up & finished, it's time to tour! Of course we'll give them a few weeks to get settled, but curious minds want to know what it looks like inside. I know I'm not alone. My husband will shake his head when he reads this, but all the women around here (including moi) have been anxiously awaiting an invitation to tour the new place. As you know, we have met the couple (v. nice) when they came to our tailgate party in the fall, and they did say something at one point about a house tour...and well, you just can't forget a casual remark like that, even if it was made after a couple of beers!

I think the reason everyone around here is so curious is that...well, this couple is just like us. In the midst of tear down craziness - big, very expensive homes with all the amenities and no backyards being built throughout our neighborhood - this new home is not crazy. The woman lived here with her family when she was in high school, than bought the older (and deteriorating - she said) home from her parents a few years ago. When she met her husband, they made the decision to stay here and build a new home, one that would be big enough for them to raise a family in and stay here for good. So - good for them! But my question is, what does that buy you in this market? What kind of construction do you get from big-time builders when you are small-time?

Like I said, curious minds want to know. Because you never know what your own situation will be some day.

Anyway, to welcome the new couple to the neighborhood (I guess I am welcoming them back to the neighborhood), I made them cookies this afternoon. We'll see how far cookies go in securing me an invite. Oh heck, you know I'm just happy they're here at last.


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

You should do a quick little scrapbook of the before, during and after. I bet they would LOVE that. I know I would.

tommie said...

I am thinking the cookies will definitely score you an invite! Happy weekend

velvet brick said...

OHhhh... I love Kim's idea of a little scrapbook book... that SURELY would get you a tour!! : )

christy said...

The cookies are a great idea! P.S. They look yummy!

Jenny said...

Those biscuits (cookies) do look good.
I like the new house. I like the colours they have used.

jilly said...

Oh thanks for keeping us updated! I was just wondering the other day how it was coming! I cannot wait to hear if you get a tour!

Belle-ah said...

Hey Stranger! I hope they will be a wonderful new addition to your neighborhood of friends.