Thursday, September 21, 2006

cucumber mystery

Things are coming along well with the house painting. The painter has had his work cut out for him getting our windows prepped. 4 of them had little sections that were rotted, so he's had to cut out that wood and replace it. I know rotting wood is typical in wood houses. And, with our house being so old...well, it just makes me very glad that we are finally getting this project done.

In other news, these cucumbers showed up in our mailbox early Sunday morning and I can't figure out where they came from.


Bonk at Home said...

Duh! The cucumber fairy.

Meg said...

You just might be right!

jilly said...

It could be Larry, from Veggie Tales careful. Every time I go to cut up a cucumber for a salad my little nephew Grant is usually right there telling me, don't cut Larry!

A gift of cucumbers is always a good thing!

Meg said...

You are right, a gift of cucumbers cannot be beat. I will be ohso careful of Larry. So glad you pointed him out to me! ;)