Sunday, September 10, 2006


One year in college my best friend and I decided to work on Mackinac Island over the summer. I had visited there a couple of times with my family as a kid and had fond memories of it...the horses, the fudge, the beautiful cottages, and of course, The Grand Hotel (remember Somewhere In Time?) She grew up in the northeast and had never seen it. But it seemed like just the place to spend a college summer. So off we went, little waitressing jobs in hand, to have a ball up on the island.

Well, something went wrong. Not one thing exactly. A lot of things just seemed to work against us that summer and it didn't turn out to be much fun. The weather was bad. Northern Michigan can be a gamble in the summer, anyway, but this was unusually bad according to the locals. Rainy and cold. Cold and rainy. Just like today here at home. I actually said to my husband over breakfast this morning, "this is what it looked like on Mackinac the first 2 months we were there."

Nevermind what else went wrong. Too many small things that would bore anyone but my friend and me. The thing is, we laugh and laugh and laugh about it all now. So much so that when we're together with our husbands and 'Mackinac stories' come up, they both roll their eyes, knowing they are in for a long session of us recounting all those silly stories for the umpteenth time.


Patricia W said...

I love Mackinac Island too. We've gone up several times and were lucky most of those times. One Labor Day weekend in particular was blissful but I do remember how incredibly cold it got once the sun started setting. Brrrr!

betsy said...

...ahhh, the silly little stories. Makes me giggle out loud, Meg!!