Monday, September 11, 2006

the sky that day

was a brilliant, crisp, blue, like it often is in early September. I remember it.

There wasn't a cloud to be seen. The air was sweet and soft, like it is in late summer.

It was the kind of day you took notice of as you stepped outside and walked down the street towards the train. You took notice of it then, and you are happy that you did. Happy now that you took the time to appreciate how beautiful it was, instead of letting your mind wander towards unimportant details. Happy now that you remember it so clearly, because you will always remember what happened that day. You will always remember the events of the day, and how you felt then, and how you feel now, and how you've changed from then to now. Because of that, you may not have remembered the day itself. What it looked like at the beginning. How it felt to be striding up the sidewalk. That beautiful sky.

Had it not been so lovely.


Suz said...

I remember that morning. I remember that I woke up early. I think someone wanted me to drink in the last few hours of "normalacy". The air was crisp and sweet and the sun shined with a warmth that made it all the more beautiful. The sky was clear and blue not a cloud in site... I remember that morning. I now have a small dread in me everytime there is a morning that lovely

thepreppyprincess said...

Beautifully said...I too remember that crisp and sunny day 5 years ago and then I got off the subway and looked up.