Tuesday, May 01, 2007

3 coats later...

I was hoping to show you my beautifully painted porch this morning...but wouldn't you know, I'm not finished painting. ah! Somewhere in the middle of coat #2 I decided that it needed a third coat. Yes, yes, yes. Trying to keep up my enthusiasm here. I finished coat #3 late Sunday and started in on the white trim. I'm hoping that's just 2 coats...we'll see. The important thing is that it will all be over soon. I hope. And then on to more exciting things! Chair cushions! Floor rug! Room accessories! Fun finds to share! Stay tuned.

In related news, my husband spent the whole weekend creating a garden bed at the back of our garage that wraps around to the back door of the porch. He went to an Arbor Day sale on Saturday a.m. and bought 2 new baby trees for the area. I did not make it outside with my camera, but I'll show that to you soon. While we were admiring the new area (what a change from what was there before - basically nothing!) we started dreaming and scheming about a backyard patio. Mind you, we have our plates full in getting our landscaping situation under control this year, but putting in a patio is so enticing. Did I mention we're having a 4th of July party? Is it possible to get this all done in time...?

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Preppy Rider said...

Let me know how it goes... I have been wanting to add a DIY brick or stone patio/walk for 3 years. Perhaps we will be re-inspired?