Monday, May 21, 2007

sunday scenes

A little low on news today, so instead I'll show you what was going on here yesterday.

First, my Mother's Day roses are still holding on. When they first arrived they were pale pink, but as the blooms have opened over the past week, they've turned into a beautiful shade of cream. Wish you could smell them through your screen. They are still fragrant and obviously very lovely.

Next, we had a visit from Fireman Small out on the porch after lunch. He wouldn't have shown up without Daddy's help.

Finally, new best friends mowed the lawn together. The little guy wants to do everything with the big guy these days. Well, almost everything...I still get a lot of snuggle time. In the picture below they are walking right by the tomato plants (which by the way, sailed through the frosty night last Thursday.)

I'll be back soon. Have a wonderful day!


Rosemary said...

How cute! Love the lawn helper.
My roses were almost the same color, but only lasted until about Saturday. Yours still look really good.

Belle-ah said...

Now, THAT looks like quite the workout! Impressive tag-team mowers!!!

sisters with style said...

What an adorable picture. Who could ask for a better lawn helper.

hqm said...

That is sooo sweet! What else can can your husband do with you little one strapped to his back?

homedaisy said...

what a sweet daddy. :)

Martha said...

What great photos!! I especially love the tootsies with the hat on :)