Friday, May 25, 2007

what's better?

...than going to your mailbox and finding an adorable thank-you note from one of your best friends? Brig, this wasn't necessary, but you should know that it's made my day. So, thank you.


Merci-Notes said...

Are you and your most lovely and fun family going to get a cute little puppy???

Merci-Notes said...

p.s. to answer your question about the beautiful tags I have been getting in the swap...I may place them in a frame in a grid style...have you heard of Artist Sarah Lugg? She is from England and her work is in this style...always with a theme though. Like wvery tag has a heart represented somehow!
have a great Memerial Day weekend!

velvet brick said...

how sweet of you to thank the person who thanked you !! a very cute card and a very nice photo... all to wish goodness to someone who brought you some joy...
thank you for sharing... and reminding us how much of an impact two simple words... thank you ...can have on one's heart...
: )

Mom2fur said...

What a cute card! The dog reminds me of "Pete the Pup" from "The Little Rascals"!