Friday, May 25, 2007

can we build it!?

Plans are in motion to tear the house down across the street* from us. Prep work started this morning. We received a letter in the mail yesterday which said that demolition will be May 30-31st. If you are a Bob the Builder fan, if you have an almost fanatical obsession with diggers and cement mixers, if you eat, sleep, (and dream) construction, consider visiting us next week. It's bound to be a good show.

*house being torn down is owned by a young couple who purchased the house from her parents. They are planning to live in the new home that is built. This seems like a new twist on teardowns around here (usually it's - old homeowners leave, new house is built, new homeowners come in), so we're excited to see what's constructed...


Preppy Rider said...

How sad... but the boys will enjoy watching the show this summer!

tulipmom said...

Wow, Sweet Boy would be all over this (well, except for the noise part).

Enjoy the long weekend.

sisters with style said...

My 3 year old loves construction vehicles!! He ALWAYS points them out when we are out and about!

suburban prep said...

My parent's house was torn down December 20. It was sad because my parents raised me and my 6 brothers and sisters there. It was a beautiful old (100 yrs)house. The reason for the tear down--foundation fell.
Now my sister and her husband and their family will build and raise their family on the same property.
My two yr old nephew knows all about the construcion and the vehicles and well his mouth was open watching in awe the day of the tear down.

Merci-Notes said...

Hi Meg!
Caitlin (daughter!) and I were just laughing Thursday when we drove past a commercial contruction site. We used to stop at any construction sites so that Douglas (son!) could take in the "beauty" of their work!!! Some we actually planned a time to go to! You have made alot of little boys and girls happy campers: ) Especially your two sweeties!