Monday, November 06, 2006


I was such a great Target customer today. First thing this morning I ordered a little pub table and 2 stools for my kitchen from Afterwards I headed to the nearby SuperTarget with my youngest son to do what felt like a month's worth of grocery shopping. We had to get an extra cart at the checkout line for all the bags and have help out to the car. That's never happened before, but I figured my outstanding support of all things Target justified the special attention.

I picked up this little kitchen cart in the middle of the grocery run. We have been wanting to get something for next to our stove for awhile. It can be challenging to cook without having a place right next to the burner for workspace, so this fills in nicely. As you can see, I wasted no time in putting the cart to good use as I prepared to make chicken noodle soup. I have an old article from Country Home magazine that shows how you can add some pizzazz to a cart like this with a little fabric and minimum skill. I'm going to give it a go. This looks fine but I think I will like the fabric version more. My husband is not sold yet on the idea of a froufrou fabric version, but I think he'll come around. Will post a picture when the project's complete!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful and functional. You can't beat that! I'm sure it will be even lovelier when you are finished with it.

homedaisy said...

i did not know you had a SUPER target - i am SO jealous! can't wait to see the fabric - fun!

Meg said...

ohmygosh, what would I do without Super Target. I used to not understand the Target phenomenon until we had the store open up here. There is nothing, nothing! that Target can't do for me these days. :)