Tuesday, November 07, 2006

a warm seat

About a year ago my husband and I took an overnight trip to Kohler, Wisconsin and stayed here. Our accomodations were curtesy of my brother and sister in-law, who had given us a gift certificate to the historic hotel a couple of years prior. Yes, a couple of years. You know how it is with gift certificates. Why is it so hard to use them?

Well, we finally did and we had a wonderful, although quick, trip. If you have been up to Kohler before you already know how lovely it is. If you have not (we hadn't), take my word that it is a place worth visiting.

In addition to the natural beauty in the setting, there is also some wonderful shopping up there. Not just girlie shopping, either. My husband had a great time strolling around and checking out the sites and shops with me. The Kohler store is something else.

At a darling store called Past Basket I found this handpainted bench. It's a Tracy Porter original (painted by Tracy herself!), from the early 1990's. We had been looking around for a bench to sit in one of our bay windows, and this one I liked more than any other I had seen. I couldn't resist the colors and of course, the handpainted detail. There is another Past Basket store in Illinois, and the Kohler store offered to send it on their truck down to that location for me. That was such a break.

So here it sits in our window, one year later. I really like it. Right now it's reminding me of that quick trip north. We keep talking about going back. I hope it doesn't take us as long to return as it did to get there the first time.


Belle-ah said...

I can see why could got the bench, it looks right at home!

Deb said...

Love your Tracy Porter bench. What a fabulous find. The apple/bird/butterfly detail is stunning. I have one of Tracy Porter's books called "Home Style" and it is excellent - full of inspiration and directions to make a few things as well.

Tuesday Girl said...

It is a cute bench and looks perfect where you placed it!

Anonymous said...

I'm coveting your bench! It's a beauty. I've been looking for just the right bench for my foyer for over a year but I still haven't found one that I love AND can afford.

Meg said...

Jen, I can relate - it's never an easy search for anything when you want something specific, is it? Good luck!

Mom Underground said...

Nice bench! My parents live near Kohler, Wis. and my mom loooooves Past Basket. Or is it Past Baskets? I can't remember. Anyhow, very nice!