Monday, October 23, 2006

the fab four

This weekend I spent some time cleaning out our storage room in the basement. For such a small house, I think our storage space is pretty good. Still, it's challenging to not let the area fill up with unnecessary junk.

A small section of the room down there is devoted to toys that are on hiatus. Long ago I heard from a parenting expert that toys should be rotated, so that what children play with is always changing. I'm not very good about doing this regularly, but I have noticed that when I put things away for a little while, they get an enthusiastic response when suddenly they are put back into the mix.

One toy that still hasn't made the rotation, and probably never will, is our Teletubbies set. Say what you like about the Teletubbies, they have a cult-like following in this house. Last Christmas on a whim I bought the plastic playset on eBay when I couldn't find it through any retailer. I feared I'd spent too much until I realized a few months later that they were still the hands-down favorite present from Santa. And I'm beginning to think that nothing he brings this year will knock them from their #1 spot.

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