Tuesday, October 03, 2006

in the works

Still working on the paint out there. The painter has so much more to do...paint the storm windows and put them back on, finish painting the upstairs windows and clean them, paint the door hand railings (2), put 2-3 coats of red on the front door, paint the chimney, paint the garage door. He's also installing our new outdoor lights. He wanted to be finished last Friday, but it looks like this Friday may be more like it. Especially with all the rain that's come through and will be coming through. It's really interrupting him.

I have an appointment today with a rep from an awning company. She is coming to the house and bringing samples. I'm very excited to get that part of the project going!

P.S. Yes, those horizontal, trampled-upon plants were once my thriving tomato plants. They'll be making a permanent exit this weekend into yard waste bags.