Monday, October 16, 2006

movie night

Today is not a good day for pictures outside, otherwise I would be out there with my camera to take one of the house. Yes, that means that the painter is gone. Hooray! The house looks terrific. Dramatically better. You'll see.

Tonight my husband is otherwise engaged and I'm treating myself to a movie. My selection is Ice Castles. Not sure how I decided on this one. I was looking at the movies in the library this morning and there it was. I think the last time I saw this I was 11. My parents had gone out of town for a few days and I watched it with the babysitter, a sweet older woman named Olga, who used to babysit during all of the out of town trips. We sat in these 2 big wing-back chairs that my parents had at the time in their family room. It was the middle of winter, so it was freezing cold and there was snow on the ground. Perfect conditions for watching a movie about snow and ice and skating. Anyway, Olga and I loved the movie. We liked it so much that we watched it again the next night. And I remember all of this so clearly because at the time I just couldn't believe that she would indulge me by letting me watch it again the very next night. And she watched it again, too! Did I mention this happened in the middle of a school week? It was fabulous.


Lisa said...

Sounds fabulous! I wish I could watch it with you. Did you get some peanut M&M's for the occassion?

Jo said...

I rented the movie Lake House for tonight. I live in Western New York and we were hit with an unusual snowstorm last Thursday night. The heavy wet snow brought down trees and power lines all over. I was without power for several days. Last week I had capris on! This storm took all of us by surprise. Many stores and businesses are still closed and without power.The damage is unbelievable. Schools are closed for most of the week. It will take a long time to clean up the mess. It looks like we had a tornado here.

Meg said...

oh, Lisa, I wish! I'm afraid I've had to put myself on a temporary ban from those... You would be a welcome guest at my party if you could be here, too. :)

Jo - sounds unbelievable. You must feel like you woke up and it's January already! You have my sympathies!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Ice Castles, a blast from the past! I love it.